Everyone who is anyone knows that Harry’s Bar is one of the chicest, most smashing spots for lunching and dining in all of London. The food is nectar and ambrosia, the place is cozy and exclusive and the ambience is such that if you’re there, you know you’re in “the place to be.” There is a collection of old Peter Arno’s so-sophisticated cartoons from The New Yorkers of yore hanging on the walls. How cool is that?

Never mind the check. Because London, especially now, is one of the most expensive cities in the world, where it seems that even when you inhale and exhale it costs money.

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But that doesn’t mean the parties have stopped. TV’s Deborah Norville and her husband, financier Karl Wellner, and Lisa Papamarkou Jowell and Keith Jowell gave one of the best dinner parties of the season at Harry’s Bar to commemorate the 28th Olympic Games in Athens. And it didn’t hurt that King Constantine of Greece and his beautiful and charming queen, Anne-Marie, were there. And it certainly didn’t hurt — especially not for the women — that their handsome son, Prince Nicholas, was there, too. And it was the best of all nights for the Greeks, because Greece had just defeated Portugal in the European Cup soccer final and soccer mania has enveloped London. King Constantine made a rejoicing speech, and Anne-Marie couldn’t stop clapping her hands. And Nicholas, who had been glued to the TV, kept running through the room announcing the score and waving a miniature Greek flag.

The guests came from all over. Listening to the orchestra playing tunes à la Greque were such as Betsy Bloomingdale; Denise Hale; Marion Jorgensen and Erlenne Sprague from California; Lynn Wyatt and Becca Thrash from Texas; Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola; Blaine and Robert Trump; new ambassador to Finland Earle Mack and his wife, Carol; the newly engaged Hilary Geary and steel tycoon Wilbur Ross (she has a 10-carat diamond ring to prove it); Evelyn and Leonard Lauder and Peggy Noonan, all from New York; Robert Higdon and Mary and Mandell Oursman from Washington; Pauline Pitt and Tom Quick came from Palm Beach; Lily Safra came from her fabulous London townhouse, and Liz and Peter Ward came from their lovely house in the English countryside. Among the happy Greek guests were such Goulandrises as Nicky, Basil and Mr. and Mrs. George Goulandris, the John Georges, Loula Chandris and others too splendidly Hellenic to mention.


Something is definitely up between Hugh Grant and the freshly divorced heiress Jemima Khan. Whether it’s a hot friendship or a cool romance, only they really know for sure. But what a lot of people can tell you is that the two of them were side by side over the weekend at David Frost’s summer garden party in London. Hugh and Jemima, in a romantic laced dress, mingled with pals including Elle Macpherson; Jude Law’s girlfriend Sienna Miller and the pop singer Lulu. As for Hugh and Jemima, they cannot escape the paparazzi no matter where they may roam, and they are a-roaming night and day.


Those darling girls you read about oftener than not, Lauren Bush and Amanda Hearst, are rightfully busy this summer. Amanda just returned from London, where she spent six weeks modeling and studying art history. Tonight both girls will have dinner with Prince Albert of Monaco at Julia and David Koch’s in Southampton. On Saturday their mothers, Sharon Bush and Anne Hearst, will give a cocktail party at the Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club to celebrate their daughters’ covers on Hamptons Magazine. Lauren, whose cover comes out today, wears a colorful ensemble by Etro. Amanda wore a pink dress by BCBG Max Azria for her cover photo. Robbins Wolfe, the caterers, will create Cover Girl cookies for the occasion with cocoa and blonde sugar glazes. How sweet.

Lauren and Amanda will just nibble. And I mean nibble, because both girls are much in demand as models, and for them “fat” is a four-letter word. Later they will slip off to have dinner with Calvin Klein at his spectacular new beach house on Meadow Lane, with its unsurpassed views of the Atlantic from practically every window. It’s the only way, really.

Next week, Lauren, who the world must know is President George Bush’s niece, floats off to London to visit friends and shoot the cover of Tatler before she flies off to Australia, where she will spend a semester studying abroad. Amanda’s agents at Elite are negotiating a major cosmetics deal presently, and she will be the star of a 10-page fashion story in Marie Claire’s Christmas issue.


Harrison Ford, his 13-year-old daughter, Georgia, his leading lady in private life, Calista Flockhart, and her three-year-old son, Liam, rented a canal boat for a weekend in Wales. After one night of sleeping on the boat, Calista is said to have found the space too small and too cold, and they all quickly checked into a comfy inn. (Too small for Calista Flockhart?) You’ll be happy to know that after a morning of yoga in the garden, Calista downed a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns and sausage. Don’t ask where she put it.


News seems to travel fast from Wales. The story there is that Catherine Zeta-Jones has thrown her hands up in the air at the news that the Welsh Assembly has approved plans for Britain’s largest wind farm, comprising 30 fans with 443-foot tall propellers, to be built smack in the middle of what she thought were her unobstructed, sweeping views of beautiful Swansea Bay. There goes their panorama. The best-laid plans….


Jennifer Lopez has ordered 10,000 of the best custom-made clothes hangers on the planet for her Los Angeles and Miami houses, where her closets are practically the size of other peoples’ homes. (Joan Crawford must be smiling somewhere.) Meanwhile, Jennifer’s latest co-star, Robert Redford, is saying what a good actress he thinks she is after shooting “An Unfinished Life,” in which he plays her father-in-law. “All I know is what I saw when I worked with her; she’s a natural talent,” he says. Is that all he saw?