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Liv Tyler and her long-running boyfriend, Royston Langdon, the lead singer of Spacehog, who secretly married nine days ago in the Caribbean, will be in New York after the honeymoon, and her mommy, Bebe Buell, and many friends are planning all sorts of parties to celebrate their long-awaited union. Liv has made it known that she herself can’t wait to be a mommy. Lovely. But are we ready for a pregnant Elf Arwen in the next installment of “The Lord of the Rings?”

Kate Beckinsale, who recently ended her nine-year relationship with actor Michael Sheen, the father of their four-year-old daughter, Lily, is dating Len Wiseman, the director of the upcoming “Underworld,” the vampire film in which both Kate and her ex-boyfriend have roles. Interesting. Wiseman’s own marriage ended in December, and he and Kate have been together ever since. Her newest movie, “Van Helsing,” is another vampire extravaganza opposite Hugh Jackman — he bites her good — and she has just bought a house in Beverly Hills, where she is planning to move. One hears there are vampires there, too, but you know how people exaggerate.

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Drew Barrymore,with the acting blue blood in her veins, is trying to prove it again these days. Now she’s working on producing a remake of the 1968 futuristic classic, “Barbarella,” which shot Jane Fonda into the stratosphere as a sex symbol. The original screenplay, which was based on a French comic strip set in the 41st century, is being written by John August, who wrote Drew’s two “Charlie’s Angels” films. She, of course, will star as Barbarella and has asked Jane Fonda if she would like a cameo. But 66-year-old Jane must have thought she was just too old for a fur bikini because she told Drew thanks, but no thanks. Politely, naturally, because Jane was Hollywood royalty before Drew was even born.

Justin Timberlake, who recently wowed them at the New York Grammys, has been voted the Sexiest Man in the World by readers of British Marie Claire magazine. But when he was recently asked about girls, Timberlake said, “I’m never going to find someone as good as my mother, am I?” Oh my, and just in time for Mother’s Day, too.

You will be thrilled to hear that Claudia Schiffer is back in high heels after breaking her foot and spending almost a year in flats and sneakers. You will be thrilled once again to hear that she has already lost 15 pounds of the weight she put on before the birth of her son in January. When last seen, Claudia was strolling the streets of London shopping for new lingerie and sporting the latest English fashion craze, a handbag designed by Anya Hindmarch with — lest you forget who you are — your very own photo prominently displayed thereon. Claudia chose one of herself taken when she was a tiny tyke. Definitely beautiful, definitely Claudia, just not nearly so tall.

If you’re in the market for a Mini Cooper or a Audemars Piguet gentleman’s watch — who doesn’t love them? — or possibly a week’s stay in Mustique in a luxury villa, then you better slip on your miniest mini and get over to the new Copacabana on April 23 for the Henry Street Settlement auction-dinner dance. The co-chairs, Pilar Crespi Robert, Laura Hunt, Jill Swid, Kathy Hilton and Marisa Noel Brown, are calling this year’s party “Glamorama” the cute things, and have gone anti-black-tie asking the guests to dress “Glam.” Philanthropist Jonathan Tisch, the chairman and ceo of Loews Hotels, will take the spotlight as their only honoree. Fortunately, that may mean fewer speeches.

A chic urban Deco-inspired supper club in black and white is the setting of the evening and DJ Tom Finn will be doing the tunes. Expected are 450 of the glam young, the glam not-so-young and the glam haven’t-been-young-for-quite-a-while-but-are-still-trying.

From the I’ll Do Anything for My Art Dept.: Even though model-actress Jamie (aka James) King’s role as the alluring mysterious “Jade/bad girl” in MGM’s action flick “Bulletproof Monk” involves strenuous physical feats, for which she spent months training, nothing curbed her girlish enthusiasm. Not even the scenes of potentially dangerous cat fighting with Victoria “About a Boy” Smurfit.

“Victoria’s character whipped out her baton to hit me and came close to impaling my eye,” James says. “For three 15-hour-long days, we were fighting, pulling hair, doing wire work, being thrown into walls, punching, kicking, shoving each other — it was pretty fun! We decided we were going to make our fight scenes the best fight scenes and I got to run up the wall a couple of times and jump off doing back-spinning kicks. You never grow up thinking you’re going to do something like that, but then all of a sudden you are doing it and it’s incredible!” Sure, sure. And so what if your back aches all the way to the bank?

Katie Couric, Chappy Morris, Lauren Thierry and her husband, Jim Watkins, are co-chairing an evening they are calling “Pillow Talk.” The party will be held at the Abigail Adams House on May 20 and will honor famous interior designer Mario Buatta. The idea is to raise money for the NYCLI School, one of the nation’s premier institutions for the education of autistic children. The night will feature an auction of luxurious pairs of pillows from fabrics and trim donated by Schumacher and designed by those such as Howard Slatkin, Joanne de Guardiola, Richard Mishaan, Victoria Hagen, Matthew David, Lisa Jackson and Jamie Drake. Among the sponsors are Architectural Digest and Time Warner, and the committee includes Chuck Scarborough, Rosanna Scotto, Sue Simmons, Royce Pinkwater, Elizabeth Vargas and Al Roker of your TV and mine.

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