David Linley, aka Viscount Linley, aka Queen Elizabeth’s nephew, aka furniture maker and designer extraordinaire, is doing a remarkable thing in honor of his mother, the late Princess Margaret. In her memory, he established the Princess Margaret Fund at the Stroke Association, a national charity in London, to raise funds and awareness for research in this dreadful condition that besets so many young people. David saw the devastating effects it had on his mother and he is more determined than ever to help.

Now, in a unique venture, David Linley plans to bicycle all the way from London to Paris on April 12-18, a 325-mile trip. He’s asking for support for this endeavor and the response has been heartening and successful.

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David has been training for six months for what sounds like a really grueling journey — so he’s very slim, very healthy. He already rides a motorcycle everywhere in London like a pro — he was taught by the police — so it’s not like he’s never been on wheels before. It sounds like time for a seat cushion. Maybe two.

Colorado has had more than 7 feet of snow in the last month and with 18 inches of fresh powder, spring skiing in Aspen is better than it’s been in years. In town for the fun was Bono, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year and last, and his wife, Ali Hewson. You remember the singer got plenty of kudos for his performance of “Hands that Built America” from “Gangs of New York” at the Oscars, and now he has quietly recorded a duet with Jennifer Lopez. She is practically beside herself with excitement and says that they are waiting for the right time to release it. “I hope it sees the light of day soon,” she breathed.

Enjoying themselves at the Aspen Mountain Club last week were Evelyn and Leonard Lauder, who was celebrating his 70th birthday. Festivities included a dinner party for family and friends at their house on Roaring Fork Road. Others in town are Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and Mike Myers, all shopping at Prada. At the Christian Dior boutique, Tommy Mottola dropped in with his wife, Thalia, who picked up a pair of Eskimo boots because you just never know when you’ll need them. And Wolfgang Puck, fresh from cooking for 1,400 at the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball, had dinner at the Caribou Club, as did Kevin Costner, Luis Miguel, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John. That’s it for the Rockies, I mean that’s really it.

If you still care a lot, Gwyneth Paltrow is supplying much needed emotional support to Jude Law, who is bumping along a rocky marital road with his wife, Sadie Frost. Gwyneth and Jude are in London filming “The World of Tomorrow.” Complicating matters is the fact that Sadie is one of the producers of the movie. On the other hand, things seem to be going well for Gwyneth and her rock star Chris Martin of Coldplay even though some of her friends think that the “Gwynnie Jinx” might strike again. The couple has talked marriage and met each other’s families but there is still no engagement ring. Gwyneth has made it clear on many occasions that she wants a husband and children. But she still hasn’t met Mr. Right, who doesn’t look to be right around the corner.

The Irish Georgian Society is requesting the pleasure of certain people’s company at a reception for Lindy, Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava, featuring an exhibition of her works at the Salander-O’Reilly Galleries in New York on Thursday. Lindy is the talented daughter of the late Loel Guinness, a multimillionaire financier who, with his glamorous wife, Gloria, cut a swath in international society with magnificent houses in Paris, Normandy, Florida and Acapulco. We will not see their like again. Lindy was also married to a half-Guinness, the late Sheridan, Marquess of Dufferin & Ava and son of the late Maureen Guinness, one of the legendary Irish heiresses to the beer and ale fortune.

As of this writing, Nicole Kidman has told her friend Russell Crowe that she will not be going to Australia to celebrate his 39th birthday and his wedding on Monday. Some say she’s doing it out of respect for his bride-to-be, Danielle Spencer, that she doesn’t want to take any of the attention away from Danielle at the three-day event, which will include a cricket match with his cousins from New Zealand and a reading of a love poem Russell wrote. The wedding will be for maybe 100 friends and family, and not a sign of Hollywood hoopla, which Mr. Crowe detests. The wedding will take place at a $250,000 chapel that Russell has refurbished, replete with an antique cross that he bought in Milan, a mosaic tile floor and a restored dome for the nuptials on his 800-acre ranch.

Also, as of this writing, Nicole says she is still determined to play a madam, based on the book “Pay the Girl,” by Heidi Fleiss, even though some in her camp don’t think it’s the best idea. It isn’t. How sweet it is that Nicole continues to stay so modest, though: “Just because I’ve won the Oscar now, I still think — oh my gosh, I could get fired. You can’t take anything for granted.”

Rock star Bryan Ferry and society beauty Lucy Helmore have called it a night and a day. The two are divorced but lawyers are still working out the financial settlement. Bryan has amassed a $45 million fortune and Lucy wants half of it, including their London mansion worth $9 million and another $500,000 a year in alimony. As Suzy always says — when love flies out the window, all that’s left is the fight over money.

Save the date June 2 for the Museum of Modern Art’s Party in the Garden. This year, it will honor Rudy Giuliani, the 107th mayor of New York City and a great hero for our times. Actually, for anybody’s times.

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