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C.Z. on the Hollywood Circuit * The Case of the Stolen Frocks * J. Lo’s Lost and Found

Along with the usual celebrity suspects and, of course, simply magnificent actors, you can expect a shot of high society and iconic fashion at the Oscars. Because Mrs. Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, known far and wide as C.Z., is headed to Los Angeles Saturday for her first time at the big show. “I’ve never been to the Oscars before. It’s never been the moment, but, now that I am an icon, I think I can go,” she says with a big laugh. She’s referring to her being declared a Fashion Icon by the Council of Fashion Designers of America last year. She will also be at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation and In Style magazine’s Oscar dinner at the Marquee Sunday night, arriving with Harry Slatkin, whose fragrance company makes C.Z.’s and Elton’s candles and his brand new “Elton Rocks” potpourri, which will have its premier at the party and will be given to all the guests to take home with them. A percentage of the sales of Elton’s products go to his foundation and, so far, they have raised $600,000. C.Z. and her group will be sitting with Barbara and Marvin Davis, and also expected at the party are Natalie Portman, Brendan Fraser, Harry Connick Jr. and 136 others just like them.

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Naturally, C.Z. hopes the Oscars or the parties won’t be canceled. It’s a fact they will be kept simple and low key, but she says “this is, after all, a business weekend, and the Oscars are big business.”

As of this writing, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences still expects everyone in black tie, so Elton and his party will follow suit. Oscar de la Renta has made C.Z. a white and gold brocade skirt and an embroidered top to match. “I really feel like an icon in this dress,” says C.Z., and with it, she will wear a pair of simple diamond earrings that her late husband gave her. She’s not going to wear the jewelry she was planning to take. “Nothing ostentatious. If the evening changes from black tie, I will wear green brocade pants, a pale green cashmere sweater and a little gold jacket, also by Oscar.”

Her daughter, Cornelia Guest, will be at the party, too. She’ll wear a Badgley Mischka gown and her pearl and diamond earrings from Harry Winston. Also, Winstonized will be Steve Martin, the Oscar host, Queen Latifah, Sissy Spacek and Anjelica Huston.

C.Z., Harry and Cornelia will also attend the Vanity Fair party at Morton’s — the better to observe the stars and the local talent whilst quaffing Veuve Clicquot. Then on Monday, the ace photographer Bruce Weber will film C.Z.’s appearance at Neiman Marcus, where she’ll be talking about gardening, fashion and style for the documentary Bruce has been making on her life. On Tuesday, Wendy Stark, of the social swim, will give a little dinner in C.Z.’s honor at her Beverly Hills place. Among the pals expected are Nancy Reagan and Betsy Bloomingdale. Then it’s back to her Long Island estate in Old Westbury to help her fabulous garden grow.

You’ve already heard that this year the Oscars won’t have to suffer from limo gridlock. Jennifer Lopez, Renée Zellweger, Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta-Jones have all requested black Cadillac Escalades with tinted windows to arrive at the ceremony as quietly as possible. Cadillac is supplying 350 cars to the presenters, nominees and VIPs. Does that mean you won’t be able to tell one from the other?

Angelina Jolie needs a new dress. The body-hugging red corset number decorated with cherubs created by British designer Scott Henshall that she had planned to wear to the Oscars before she canceled, has been stolen in London. On his way to the airport for his flight to Los Angeles, Henshall stopped for some last-minute shopping, and while he was parked outside the store, thieves slashed the top of his BMW convertible and made off with Angelina’s $4,500 dress and 20 others. Although he would offer a cash reward to anyone who would return them, there’s no way he can remake Angelina’s or any of the other dresses in time. Scotland Yard is investigating. Too bad, but Angelina would probably have wanted to rethink that dress anyhow — unless she is contemplating making like Betty Davis in “Jezebel.”

Gossip has it that Jennifer Lopez went crazy when she lost her $2 million pink diamond engagement ring down the drain at The Ivy in Los Angeles. It’s the one Ben Affleck bought her at Harry Winston. The management was able to open up the drainpipe and return it in minutes. A smiling Jennifer supposedly tipped the staff $750, but The Ivy refuses to confirm or deny this story. Business as usual in Hollywood.

Jade Jagger has ended her “too hot not to cool down” relationship with Pharrell Williams, the 29-year-old hip-hop legend of the group The Neptunes. Anyway, it was love at first sight last November when they met in Barcelona and Jade dumped her then boyfriend, Dan Williams, another rocker, pretty much on the spot. Jade and Pharrell’s romance had them flying between European hot spots and music awards shows in the rocker’s private Lear jet and hanging out in fashionable London hotels and bars. What goes around comes around, however, and it turns out that Pharrell has a wandering eye — surprise! — and Jade won’t take it anymore. Some say that Dan Williams has taken her back. Oh, what the hell.

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