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Michael Plays Good Cop * Bachelor Number One * Gwyneth’s Troubador

Lauren Bush will be dipping her toes into Fashion Week between her classes at Princeton. Last night, she was at the Frick Museum for the Young Fellows’ Evening of Nouveau Glamour with her escort, Tammer Qaddumi, a student at Yale who’s a friend from Houston. Lauren wore a sexy teal blue chiffon dress cut on the bias by Christian Dior. On Sunday, the Elite model will perch in the front row of Diane Von Furstenberg’s show and on Wednesday, she’ll go to her pal Tommy Hilfiger’s. She wanted to go to Marc Jacobs’, but her photography class got in the way, so maybe in the fall.

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Lauren will be spending the summer in the Hamptons with her 14-year-old sister Ashley, who may follow in her footsteps as a model, and their mother, Sharon Bush, who’s busy designing a line of jewelry made of semiprecious stones. Lauren will take acting classes in the city during the week when her classes at Princeton end for the year, before heading to France in July to study French and attend the couture.

Lily Safra, one of the richest women in the world, has bought a beautiful new apartment on the Avenue Gabriel in Paris. Two full floors and exquisitely done. As for the view, you can see the Eiffel Tower from every room. These days and nights, she is a happy woman, out lunching and dining with her friends, wearing marvelous clothes, and emerging from the three-year nightmare and the ugly, false and unfounded speculations that followed her in print after the death of her husband, Edmond, in their Monte Carlo apartment, a victim of a fire set by one of his nurses, the now-imprisoned Ted Maher. A coincidence: Lily’s apartment is the same one Blaine Trump’s family lived in when Blaine was a student in Paris.

Pat and Bill Buckley have flown off to Gstaad for their annual winter holiday. They will be there for two weeks, not in a chalet as in many years past — “too much trouble” says Pat — but in a hotel with all the amenities, naturally. Pat, a brilliant hostess and viewer of the social scene, knows from amenities if anyone does. As for William F. Jr., his newest novel, “Getting it Right,” is just out, set during the Cuban missile crisis of the Sixties. “It’s a high, pulsating drama,” says Sam Tanenhaus, who wrote the definitive biography of Whittaker Chambers, “a singular addition to his glittering oeuvre.” You can say it again, Sam.

For Michael Michele of the “ER” Micheles, it’s no perspiration playing a police officer in “Dark Blue,” United Artists’ new thriller set within the LAPD. Even though this will be the third time she’s worn a badge in a movie, Michael is not complaining. “I’ve had the experience of handling weapons. I’ve had the experience learning to walk the walk and talk the talk. The personality of a female cop is familiar ground for me, and I’m very comfortable in her skin.” Bully for her. What was new for Michael this time around was having an onscreen love affair with another officer, played by young hunk Scott Speedman. Was that a gun in her pocket or did she really love him?

News from London: Mothers with eligible daughters should pay attention to the following. Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Peter Phillips is available again after calling it quits with his girlfriend of the last four months, stewardess/flight attendant Tara Swain. Tara was doing quite well, having even passed muster with Peter’s mum, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal. But Petesy told Tara he was just not ready to settle down, the same old cop out used by bachelors since the world was new.

Love is weaving its magic spell everywhere just in time for Valentine’s Day. In London, Jerry Hall is back with banker Tim Attias. They broke off their yearlong affair in October because he said he couldn’t take the overwhelming influence Mick Jagger still had in her life. But he changed his mind and succeeded in talking her into taking a cruise with him around Mexico in December. She left the boat to meet Mick and the kids in Mustique at Christmas, but then re-rendezvoused with Attias in Granada last month. It may be hard to keep up with all of them. But is it worth it?

Gillian Anderson of “X-Files” fame is engaged to British film executive Julian Ozanne. The lovers are living together in a new flat in Notting Hill while she finishes her run in “What the Night Is For” on the London stage. They’re planning a romantic wedding in Italy this summer where everyone knows what the night is for.

In New Zealand, where she’s making “Ted and Sylvia,” Gwyneth Paltrow was paid a surprise visit by her rocker boyfriend Chris (Coldplay) Martin. Chris not only took her to a Spanish restaurant in Dunedin, but he sat himself down at the piano after feeding her and serenaded her with a selection of his greatest hits. There were other diners in the room but Gwyn and Chris only had eyes for each other.

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