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Movie people are so great with quotes, have you noticed? I love how they make the most insightful observations and cute remarks, too. Take, for instance, the actors in the new flick, “A Guy Thing.” During filming they were all sitting around talking about just that — guy things — and they all agreed that: 1) Guys don’t ask for directions; 2) They control the remote; 3) They leave the seat up; 4) They obsess about watching sports. But it was Julia Stiles who came up with the most trenchant thought, based on her very own personal experiences, mind you. She says, “A guy thing is all about food. There’s something about men when they get hungry. They seem to have this severe drop in blood sugar. My dad does it. My grandfather did it. My boyfriend does it. Every boyfriend I’ve ever had did it. You could be talking and having a really good time, and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I need food. I need food. Make me a sandwich. Make me a sandwich now.’ I just think it’s funny because all of a sudden they behave like children. ‘Mommy I need food — feed me.’”

Well, well, but how about a few girl things like: 1) Getting a whole new set of boyfriends who don’t need their mommies; 2) Telling them to make their own damn sandwiches; 3) Suggesting that while they’re up they make you one, too. And hold the crusts please. It’s a girl thing.

This story first appeared in the January 17, 2003 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

We all know by now that Nicole Kidman, nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her great performance as Virginia Woolf in “The Hours,” went out on a limb, undergoing a major transformation, stripping herself of her stunning looks for the role and enduring three hours a day applying the now-famous prosthetic nose to make herself as much like Woolf as possible. And here’s her quote: “We couldn’t help but wonder if the nose was going to be a distraction, or would it help create the character? We wanted it to be as authentic as possible, but I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot walking on the screen with a big nose and having people laugh. That was a big fear.”

Obviously, Cyrano de Kidman got over it fast and so did everyone else. Oh, and she just now has her very own star cemented on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s even rumored to be — be still my heart — right next to Steven Spielberg’s.

So 2003 will be an exciting year for Claudia Schiffer and her husband, Matthew Vaughn, who produces Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie’s movies. Next month, they are expecting the birth of their first child, a boy, and shortly thereafter Claudia’s career will perk right up. One of the world’s most famous blondes will become brunette to star in the movie, “A Gothic Horror Tale,” based on the children’s fable “Snow White.” Let’s hope it fares better than Guy and Madonna’s last effort, “Swept Away,” another Gothic horror tale Matthew produced.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has a little extra time on her hands these days while waiting for the birth of her second child, a girl. So to keep her hand in, she’s designing a line of baby clothes, adorable togs for the wee ones, which she will call “Zeta” after her new baby. They will hit the market in March, the same time that Zeta-Jones’ baby is due.

At a recent gala in Monte Carlo, Prince Albert of Monaco surprised one and all by bidding on a rather saucy piece of art at an auction. He couldn’t resist raising his paddle for an oversized photograph of a female derriere by British photographer Vicky White, which I guess makes sense — but don’t ask why. Another guy thing? No word on where he’s going to hang his new asset or what his father, Prince Rainier, thinks of his taste, or lack of it.

Vanessa Redgrave, who turns 66 this month, and her old flame Franco Nero are together again. The two, torridly in love in the Sixties (they played Guinevere and Lancelot in the Joshua Logan film version of “Camelot”) were never married, but they did have a son together, Carlo, now 33 and a singer, before she went her way and he went his. They’ve started up again once more, even for a short while. They spent Christmas and New Year’s together on Capri, where she received the Capri Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Vanessa says she’s been celibate for some time now, but it’s a whole new year, darling, isn’t it?

For these past years, it has been an honor and a delight for the Versailles/Giverny Foundation to present their royal friends as guest speakers for the foundation. They have now added to the regal roster, which included Princess Michael of Kent, Prince Michael of Greece, and HRH the Earl of Wessex. Wessex is Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, otherwise known as Prince Edward Windsor.

All of us are familiar, I’m sure, with Wessex’s obvious love of history through his televised BBC documentaries, but for some out there perhaps not so familiar with his passion for the unusual game of Royal or Real Tennis, it was King Henry VIII’s game when he wasn’t busy wiving or beheading some unlucky lady who got in his way.

On April 9 at the Carlyle and in black tie, Wessex will kick off the very first of his series, “Historical Myths,” and please note it’s exclusive to the foundation. That evening, each guest will individually be announced to Wessex and his Countess and the foundation’s president, Florence Van der Kemp.

Following a splendid Tattinger champagne reception before sitting down to dinner, the Prince will speak for 15 minutes — no slides, no podium — and will proceed to debunk, so to speak, and set history right. He is a serious royal sleuth, so attention must be paid.

In Palm Beach, friends of the Norton Museum of Art will gather tonight for the opening of Tsunami, an Asian fusion restaurant, where Asian fusion is big, big, big. The party will also serve as a kickoff for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County’s gala at the Breakers on March 28. Among the supporters expected are Courtney and Liza Pulitzer, Kristen and Averell Fisk, Lana Marks, Whitney Tower, Andrea Stark, Bridget Rooney with Bill Koch, a ton of Fanjuls and scores of others of that ilk and stripe.

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