Almost no marriage, no matter how happy and successful it appears on the surface, ever really reflects the way it’s playing out underneath.

Multimillionaire Robert Trump and his beautiful wife, Blaine, have been married for more than 20 years, and they were considered an ideal couple by everyone who knew them, certainly by all their friends in the high-powered social world they occupied in New York. Yes, a seemingly perfect couple, practically a miracle in their imperfect circles, where many marriage vows are doomed almost before they are over.

Then about a year ago, the anonymous phone calls to Blaine began. They were ugly and specific and very much to the point. Robert, the callers told her, was having an adulterous affair with a sales representative he had installed in his office and it had been going on for four years. Blaine was devastated and refused to believe any part of it. Then, after agonizing for months, she discovered it was true.

As this town is the gossip capital of the world, where a secret is impossible to keep for long, the rumors of trouble in the Trumps’ marriage began shortly thereafter. At first, like Blaine, no one could or would believe the scurrilous stories. As more and more information filtered out, I kept getting phone calls asking what was going on. Some knew bits and pieces about the scandal, others knew a lot more. There was shock, surprise and disbelief. And, because the Trumps were not seen together anywhere for weeks and weeks, fuel was added to the fire. Still, I sat on the story.

Now the facts are out. The marriage is over. Blaine is divorcing Robert. And when you hear that old adage that the wife is always the last one to know, believe it.

(Do I know the other woman’s name? Of course I do. But as far as I’m concerned, you can read it somewhere else.)

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