A week of watching 15-year-old models with endless legs and size zero bodies could send any self-respecting woman in one of two directions: the closest colonics center or a junk food binge. Those choosing the latter would do well to stop by Kyotofu, a new Japanese sweets destination opening in the Meatpacking District on Friday. With a Mod-Japanese interior designed by Hiro Tsuruta (who also did Jewel Bako and Momofuku), the outpost will offer temptations such as Green Tea Chocolate Dipped Okara (soybean) Cookies, Kuromame Black Bean Coffee Cake and Saffron Sake Poached Pear Tartlets. Kyotofu will also serve Soymilk Soft Ice Cream, traditional sweet tofu and an assortment of hot and cold drinks. For those who prefer to drown their sorrows rather than stuff them, Kyotofu will have on hand a selection of specialty drinks like Black Sesame Shochu and the Sakura, a concoction of cherry blossom liqueur, mint, soy milk and soda water.

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