Florence at night

“Pitti has become lately a kind of Salone del Mobile of men’s wear — a cultural event that is much more than a straightforward trade show. As a result, free time in Florence in the evening is increasingly at a premium, with most nights two or three cocktails, often two dinners and, if you’re really unlucky, an after party to go to, too. We’re there to work, of course, but if I’m able to carve out any ‘me’ time the perfect night out just means good Tuscan food (I also seek out Tuscan restaurants in Milan, too, because it’s my thing) and a catchup with a few good friends, which is just as useful for gathering info as trawling through the fair. We might start at passeggiata time at the Caffè Gilli when it’s quieter and you stand a chance of getting a beer; after dinner, Gilli is a kind of Death Star with a gravitational pull that sucks everybody in sooner or later. I tend to fight it these days. For eats we tend to stick to the tried and tested: Trattoria Cammillo, The Cinghiale Bianco, 13 Gobbi or Buca Mario. Trendy restaurants are redundant in a city with so much authentic rustic food.” Nick Sullivan, Esquire fashion director

Caffè Gilli

Caffè Gilli  Courtesy Photo

“For me the perfect night at Pitti is dinner with a group of industry friends from New York. It seems that we can never schedule it there, so we make it happen in Florence. One of the favorite spots is Trattoria 13 Gobbi.” Nick Wooster, fashion consultant

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“After shooting all day at Fortezza da Basso, I normally head back to the apartment in the evening to upload all images and videos taken that day. Unfortunately the editing part takes a lot of my time during the night. But in my spare time I like to catch up with my friends for a lovely dinner at Trattoria Gargani or 5eCinque followed by a delicious gelato across Ponte Santa Trinità.” Lee Olivera, photographer

La Menagere

La Ménagère  Courtesy Photo

“My perfect night out at Pitti always involves a walk, a passeggiata, to and from dinner….Florence is the most perfect place to take a stroll and the summer evenings are absolutely stunning, if sometimes a bit stifling due to the steamy weather and crowds. I always like to pass along the Arno, then Piazza Repubblica on the way for a quick pass by the Duomo, which I love best at night when its spotlights shine. For dinner, I tend to forgo the usual spots, those restaurants that tend toward the crowded and boisterous, especially at this time, favoring the more quiet, discreet Cantinetta Antinori for a simple but perfect tagliata with roast potatoes. The quiet walk home, after crowds have died down, is my favorite, when you can hear your footsteps on the cobblestones as you pass along the narrow, dimly lit streets. Then back to the Westin Excelsior, to my favorite room, to get rested for another busy day at Pitti.” Bruce Pask, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus men’s fashion director

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“So you will have to pardon my gluttonous nature when answering this question. I know it is summer, but no summer evening in Florence can begin without a crisp glass of white wine and mini panini from Procacci. Start with the truffle pate and finish with an anchovy with butter, and if you’re up for it, have a truffle pate with foie gras in between. It is Florence, after all, so my apologies to all you non-meat eaters, call early enough and you can score a table on the patio of Omero. It is about 20 minutes outside of Florence, in the hills, so the phenomenal Fiorentina is only second to the beautiful view at dusk. If you are one for a chaotic fraternity-esque scene where men spill amaro on their fine handmade white sport coats, then head over to Bar Gilli for a nightcap: I guarantee you will walk away with a story or two. If on the other hand you prefer to dance to bad Euro pop, definitely try out Colle Bereto. You may not make it to the second floor, but no matter — drinking in the piazza is more than enough of a scene.” Simon Golby, Cd Network men’s wear director

Colle Bereto

Colle Bereto  Courtesy Photo

 “After a full day at the show, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a Negroni at Harry’s Bar followed by dinner at Trattoria Coco Lezzone.” Mr Porter managing director Toby Bateman

“My perfect night out at Pitti is a rather modest endeavor. I leave the historical center (where I usually have already spent the whole day) and cross the Arno River to the Santo Spirito area. It’s equally picturesque, but still inhabited by ‘real’ people that go to ‘real’ bars and restaurants. I get a takeaway pizza and eat it sitting on a riverbank, enjoying the view and the much-needed breeze. That scenario requires the company of good friends and a lot of anti-mosquito spray.” Kuba Dabrowski, photographer

A detail in the Santo Spirito district

A detail in the Santo Spirito district.  Kuba Dabrowski

“Florence is a magic city and during Pitti, it is even more fascinating. Most of the time, the most interesting business meetings happen at the aperitivo hour or at dinner…the atmosphere is more relaxed and everything gets easier and more spontaneous. In Florence, you cannot get taxi cabs or cars, you have to walk and taking a stroll before dinner is just great. I like to do bar crawling to have one, most of the times more than one, Spritz cocktail. For the aperitivo, I also love to go to J.K. Place, where I feel at home. For dinner, I love to go to my friend Vieri Lungani’s Osteria delle Tre Panche. It’s a small, cozy place where it is not that easy to find a table because the atmosphere and the food are great. Not being that young anymore, after dinner I like to avoid crowded places like Colle Bereto and I prefer to drink a beer at the easygoing Irish Pub on Santa Maria Novella to detox from the overdose of street-style-addicted people, or I have a bourbon at the J.K. Place.” Sergio Guardì, Barbanera cofounder and creative director

J.K. Place

J.K. Place  Courtesy Photo

“Here’s a list of places we love when we go to Florence for Pitti: Florence is actually at its best when Pitti is going on and we love to be there! Antico Ristoro di Cambi: great for an outstanding Fiorentina and a traditional touch. Odeon Bistro: a more trendy kind of place perfectly positioned to have drinks afterward in Piazza degli Strozzi where all the crowd from Pitti gathers around. We love to pass by most of the nights at a dinner and events to [have a] good time. Ristorante Buca Mario: for high-level traditional Florentine cuisine. Trattoria 13 Gobbi: a great trattoria where you can taste good traditional food and feel the Italian vibe. Menagere: a gorgeous spot where we love to have an aperitivo surrounded by flowers.” Manebi cofounders Vera Drossopulo and Antonello Benati

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