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To judge by some celebrities’ ubiquitous presence on the party circuit, it would seem going out is an occupation in and of itself. But most actresses already have a day job: making movies. So does their volume of public appearances in any way match up with their more legitimate work? WWD did the number crunching for some of last year’s most active stars, to see whether all that step-and-repeat action helped promote their projects — or just themselves.



Actress: Zoe Saldana
Number of Events Attended: 43
2009 Films: “Avatar,” “Star Trek,” “The Skeptic”
Total Box Office Gross: $770,588,895

Actress: Meryl Streep
Number of Events Attended: 34
2009 Films: “Julie & Julia,” “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “It’s Complicated”
Total Box Office Gross: $205,845,057

Actress: Demi Moore
Number of Events Attended: 30
2009 Films: None
Total Box Office Gross: $0

Kate Hudson
Number of Events Attended: 23
2009 Films: “Nine,” “Bride Wars”
Total Box Office Gross: $77,173,585

Actress: Lake Bell
Number of Events Attended: 22
2009 Films: “It’s Complicated”
Box Office Gross: $91,685,195

Actress: Sandra Bullock
Number of Events Attended: 16
2009 Films: “The Proposal,” “All About Steve,” “The Blind Side”
Total Box Office Gross: $426,859,102

Editor’s note: The numbers of events — including premieres, photo calls and parties — are an approximate tally based on a search of photo agency Web sites. It is very likely there may be other appearances not accounted for in these figures.

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