Tinsley Mortimer at the New York Botanical Gardens Winter Wonderland Ball,

“This is basically my first party back in the city in years — in over five years, for sure.”

Tinsley Mortimer, a onetime iconic swan of New York society who fled to Palm Beach five years ago in light of Page Six drama, is back. Mortimer was making the rounds with a group of friends Friday night at the New York Botanical Gardens Winter Wonderland Ball, mugging it up for the BFA photographers and chatting with passerbys as if she never missed a beat.

“I used to come every year, I was living in Palm Beach and I haven’t been in over five years, probably,” she said, stationed near the bar, flanked by gentlemen on both sides. “I used to be a junior chair for this event, years ago. But I’m happy to come back — it’s such a beautiful event, and I love to see the trains.”

Indeed, the social scene in New York outshines what Florida has to offer. “There are events in Palm Beach, but I never really went to any of them. I mean, there’s a little bit of a scene down there — but nothing like New York,” she said. “New York has big parties, and it’s great. And I used to go to so many of them, and then I left New York and I’ve been back. It’s a little weird because I haven’t seen a lot of these people in a long time, but it’s fun to see everyone again. It’s fun to get dolled up in a big dress and have fun — I wanted [my dress] to be bigger, but I had a wardrobe malfunction earlier so I put this dress on. And I’m actually sewn into this dress right now because the zipper popped.”

She looked around the room, adding, “It’s fun to see everyone again,” before heading off to mingle.