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On Monday, more than 600 ladies, including Sloan Lindemann Barnett, Coco Kopelman, Jessica Seinfeld, Samantha Boardman and Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, stormed Cipriani to salute the Lying-In Hospital at Weill Cornell Medical Center — the place to be born — with a benefit luncheon sponsored by Bergdorf Goodman and Chanel, culminating in a full-blown, sudsy-snow-falling-on-the-runway reprise of the fall show in Paris. For Arie Kopelman, whose daughter, Jill Kargman, will have a baby there this July, the event was the “ultimate tie-in.”

And for almost everyone in the audience, Chanel’s very mini miniskirts, which were shown by the dozens, created an ultimate fashion moment.

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“Can we go out like that?” Clarissa Bronfman gasped as a miniskirted model passed by.

“Our husbands will just have to get used to it,” Kalliope Karella determined.

For her part, Christine Schwarzman was ready to leap onto the runway. “Next year we’ll do the show as the models,” she said. “We’ll go get spray tans, have 10 bellinis and they won’t even have to pay us.”

Barnett, in her role as emcee, was not quite as ready to play mannequin. “It’s pretty intimidating coming out here after the show,” she said, emerging onto the runway tentatively.

Meanwhile, Ros L’Esperance, who landed a $1,000 gift certificate to spend in the Chanel boutique at Bergdorf’s, experienced a ponderous tie-in of her own. “I’m pregnant, so I’m not sure what I can wear,” she told Karen Groos and Renée Rockefeller.

For Rockefeller, the solution was a no-brainer. “Get the cashmere sweatpants,” she decided.

Other eager shoppers — Alex Kramer, Marisa Noel Brown, Julia Koch and Susan Fales-Hill — all sailed uptown to put their hands on a little merch after the show, with Kopelman and Bergdorf’s Ron Frasch leading the way, pied-piper style. Barnett took it from there, choosing looks for all her friends.

“Sloan would make a hell of a salesperson,” said Frasch with a sigh. “Maybe in her next life.”

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