Eve Jeffers — better known simply as Eve — has dabbled in fashion before, with less than stellar results. Now she’s hoping the third time will be the charm.

“We’re actually looking at it again,” Eve says. “When I’m involved with something, I like to give a lot of my time to it, and it was hard to do that in California. Now that I don’t have the TV show and I don’t have to be on the West Coast, it’s something that we’re really looking at making big right now.”

But this time, the multihyphenate — rapper, actress, designer — is determined to find the right partner for the effort, something she’s said publicly has been a problem in the past. “If you don’t share the same vision, it just doesn’t make sense,” she says. “That’s with anything, but especially with fashion, because I love clothing. It is absolutely a real fetish. That’s why I named the line Fetish, actually. Making a line that I didn’t support as much made me think, ‘I need to revamp it.’ It’s not fair for me to endorse something and be like, ‘Oh, buy it. Give me some money!’ It has to be something I would wear myself.”

Eve, who loves accessories, says she was happy with the purses produced under her label. “We did really well with our bags, so I’m sure that it’s something that we will continue with and revamp. Maybe shoes — I love shoes,” she says, pointing to her black Giambattista Valli stilettos. “I love heels!”

She also loves beauty, which is one of the reasons the entertainer has been signed as one of the headliners of MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam VI campaign, and made a number of appearances on the brand’s behalf Wednesday. It’s one more thing Eve is making room for in her busy life. Besides the revamped fashion line, she also is preparing a new album, has just formed a production company for her film projects and is eyeing a possible entry into the celebrity fragrance fray.

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First up: the album, her fourth, due out later this year. “It’s totally different from any other album I’ve ever done. I have a great lineup of producers — Swiss Beatz is executive producing, Cool and Dre and Timbaland and Pharrell are all involved,” says Eve. “So hopefully we’ll sell some records!”

What about a signature fragrance, like so many other celebrities? “I’ve been wearing the same fragrance for so long,” she says. “It’s called Floret [from Antonia’s Flowers]. I buy so many others, though. I love fragrance. I love smelling other people. I just can’t tear myself away completely from Floret, though. I just can’t,” she says with a laugh.

But that’s not to say that there eventually won’t be an eau de Eve. In fact, passing Sabon, a beauty products boutique, earlier, Eve was drawn in. “It’s not like I need anything — I just want it. My mother says I have a problem,” she says with a laugh. “Creams, body gels, soap, lip gloss, stuff like that — I’m just obsessed. I can’t help it.”

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