They Are...Putting Out the Cigarettes

The glamorous days of puffing on a cigarette seem to have gone up in smoke.

Let us take you back to the hours following this year’s Met Gala, in which photos of celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Dakota Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Rami Malek and Stella McCartney lighting up in the museum’s women’s restroom caused an outcry on social media. The New York City Department of Health wrote a letter to the museum expressing its dismay at the stunt — which was in violation of the city’s Smoke-Free Air Act — and the health commissioner went on to express her concern with how glamorizing smoking on social media could lead to an increase in youth smoking rates. Not quite the branding moment Hadid is looking for.

The controversy may have lit up a whole new attitude. Earlier this month, Bella Thorne was dragged for wearing a tank with the Marlboro logo on it. (But Thorne seems to enjoy creating a frenzy of bad press, so carry on.)

Not so for Hadid and Kendall Jenner. The two are smoke-free, and let it be known.

Last week, Jenner got the message out with a black-and-white Instagram shot of herself, naked, lying on a table with a cigarette between her fingers. The caption? “I don’t smoke.” Not to be left out, Hadid followed a day later with an equally glam black-and-white shot of her clutching a cigarette, which she labeled “I quit” — antismoking emoji included.

Someone pass the ashtray.

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