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WWD Year In Fashion issue 12/12/2011

Quoting the quotable.


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“[China is] moving at such a fast pace.…There are fashionable people here that you wouldn’t even find in Paris, New York or London. They have already understood everything that they had to understand.”
— Miuccia Prada, Jan. 25

“One of my goals was always to dress the president of the U.S., and I did mean a woman president. Though I’d like to dress Barack Obama, as well.”
— Charles Nolan, quoted from WWD in his obituary; Jan. 31

“They just put the play on the screen, and they don’t change anything except make it a bit shorter for the 90 minutes that they had.”
— Cormac McCarthy about his drama “The Sunset Limited”; Feb. 3

WWD: You recently found out you’re related to French royalty — King Louis XIV. Has this information changed you?
Brooke Shields:
Nothing in my life changed. I still have to take the dog out.
— Feb. 3

“She was very, very engaged behind the scenes because she cared so much about her husband’s standing in history.”
— Judy Woodruff, “NewsHour” senior correspondent, on Nancy Reagan; Feb. 4

“I believe very strongly that if you want people to come back to your product every day, you have to make them think and you have to make them smile.”
— Jesse Angelo, editor of News Corp.’s The Daily; Feb. 3

“I’m a bit obsessed with our universal obsession with military clothing — the idea that we all want to look like soldiers, without actually being one.”
— Greg Lauren (Ralph’s nephew), launching a fashion collection; Feb. 7

“It’s better than sitting back in the back and not being able to see the whole view.…I really like Amelia Earhart. She’s from Kansas. She disappeared, so I have to take her place. I want to be Dorothy. I want to be Amelia Earhart.…I want to do it all.”
— Model Lindsey Wixson on wanting to learn to fly before she’s 18; Feb. 7

“Wit is better [than humor]. The best of Barneys was when it was witty. In terms of a laugh riot, maybe not, but wit is part of the DNA.”
— Barneys ceo Mark Lee, Feb. 7

“With unemployment you see a rise in tooth decay. [The attitude becomes:] ‘I’ll cut my own hair and the hell with my teeth.’ You’re on the precipice of getting ill.”
— Sociologist Thomas Cottle, Feb. 8

“You can have as many duvet covers as you have lovers. Well, maybe that’s not so good to say. Maybe have as many duvets as you would like to have lovers.”
— Diane von Furstenberg, on her home collection at Bloomingdale’s; Feb. 14

“I don’t think any Sunday will compare to that moment [performing at the Super Bowl]. But this Sunday I am at a fashion show and I am not at the Grammys. I chose fashion over music this Sunday.”
— Fergie, Feb. 14

“I asked [my three-year old son] if he liked the clothes and he said, ‘Yeah, but how come the girls look so unhappy?’”
— Liev Schreiber, taking his son to his first fashion show; Feb. 14

“It’s just a bad version of a newspaper in electronic form with a very condescending view of the audience.”
— Slate chairman Jacob Weisberg, about Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad newspaper, The Daily; Feb. 14

“We have as much responsibility as we did then, but today we have created an environment that is much safer than it was five, 10 and 100 years ago.”
— Kevin Burke, American Apparel & Footwear Association, on the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire; March 21

“I’ve never been the adult supervision before.”
— Marty Staff, joining American Apparel as chief sales development officer; March 23

“Image is the most important thing about someone’s career and longevity. I want to be around until I’m not around anymore and then some.”
— Jessica Simpson, March 28

“That’s one thing about fashion: You can really, really tell someone’s type from what they are wearing.”
— Amar’e Stoudemire, April 13

“To be honest, I was very unfamiliar with him. Basketball is a field I knew nothing about…but once I watched him play, I was completely and utterly impressed with his work ethic, by how much he encourages his teammates, and how much of a team player he is.”
— Rachel Roy, on her clothing deal with Amar’e Stoudemire; April 13

“I’m getting lucky tonight.”
— Sting, surrounded by socials at the Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Research Foundation gala; April 18

“My dearest and most treasured friend Sting is so sick, but refused not to come. He’s in a terrible state. I’m the reserve act, if something happens.”
— Elton John, April 18

“Statistics will tell you one thing, but behavior is not a number. That never shows up in customer market research.”
— Christine Day, ceo, Lululemon; April 21

“I am very interested in violence. I’m always shocked, living on the Upper East Side, at how much violence there is.”
— Author Molly Jong-Fast, April 25

“Savor the moment. There’s a tendency when people get married to rush down the aisle as soon as the ceremony has ended. I’m not sure if it’s relief or what. But you have to remember the guests spend most of the time looking at your back during the service.…Take your time when walking back down the aisle. Let them see the dress.”
— Vera Wang, offering her wedding-day rules; April 25

“I have no guilt. Whatever I do, I enjoy and it’s the point. I think if you start to feel guilty about it, that’s a problem. So, no guilty pleasures. I have pleasure and no guilt at all.”
— Le Bernadin chef Eric Ripert, on whether he has guilty pleasures; April 26

“It all started with that absolute dreadful creature Ronald Reagan…who came along and persuaded the whole nation that it was all right to be selfish, that it was an American virtue to be selfish. And all of these Tea Party-ites wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Reagan as their trailblazer.…I’ll tell you what’s scary. Just one step beyond, and it will be early Nazi Germany. If the Tea Party, which already has a huge majority in the House, should also capture the Senate, you might start seeing sanctioned violence.”
— Literary critic Harold Bloom, April 26

“Just the other day, Matt Damon — I love Matt Damon! Love the guy — said that he was disappointed in my performance. Well, Matt, I just saw ‘The Adjustment Bureau…’”
— President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner; May 1

“He didn’t have rote opinions. He would digest ideas. [If I asked a question], I knew there was no pedantic response, it would be a wise response.”
— Jennifer Grant about her father, Cary Grant; May 3

“Sometimes, because they’re so great, they can be a tiny bit arrogant, but that’s OK, I forgive them.”
— Faye Dunaway on the French, May 13


“At MoMA, my favorite [work] to see is the Pollocks. The ferocity of it and the recklessness of it, and the abandon of it and the beauty of it. I wish I could do with words what he did with paint.”

— Author James Frey, May 13


“Most men don’t like to dance; they only dance to get sex. But I like to dance.”

—George Zimmer, Men’s Wearhouse, June 2

“I left off a conversation with him. I think it was about saxophones and about which are the best reeds to use. And he gave me some tips. He’s a musician, you know? We talk music. I mean, he’s a rocker.”
— Keith Richards about Bill Clinton; June 13

“We are putting our boat in the winds of growth. If you are competing for the America’s Cup and have a beautiful, sophisticated boat with a great crew, but there is no wind where you are, then it’s difficult to win the race.…Now, we have a lot of wind in our sails.”
— Fabrizio Freda, on charting a course for the Estée Lauder Cos.; June 17

“I didn’t want to do it, because a retrospective usually follows your funeral and I’m still alive, but Nathalie Bondil [director and chief curator at the MMFA] convinced me. The purpose is to show what I want to say through clothes. It is to make clothes that you will love and wear. It’s a good way to show my themes.”
— Jean Paul Gaultier on his retrospective in Montreal; June 17

“I am almost 89, you know. I might be alert for another two, three years, but after that, I’ll be a little bit senile.”
— Pierre Cardin, June 24

“As any working mum out there knows, it really is like juggling glass balls when you’ve got the kids and a husband to look after, and you’re passionate about your career. It’s a lot. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
— Victoria Beckham, June 30

“I thought the [tennis] clothes we wore back in the day were great. I always liked the short shorts, but nobody seems to agree with me.”
— John McEnroe, June 30

“Nothing surprises me, particularly men and their propensity to be fools. I’ve done it myself at different points; people do it all the time. What would Chaucer have written about if men were perfect? Why would we have ever invented the blues in this country if men were perfect?”
— Pete Hamill, June 30

“I uncovered all of these things that I couldn’t believe…a letter from Jackie Kennedy saying, ‘Women’s Wear is coming after me for buying French designers,’ and Ms. Lambert is writing on the letter, ‘Well, are you? Don’t lie. They will catch you, but I will help you out and give you talking points.’”
— Author John Tiffany on research for his book, “Eleanor Lambert: Still Here”; July 5

“At home, life was quite normal. I was a big fan of Hitchcock and Grace Kelly, and I was always thinking, ‘I’m so proud because my mother looks so much like Grace Kelly.’ It took me a while to realize that [my parents] had those public lives.”
— Chiara Mastroianni, about growing up as the daughter of Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve; Aug. 9

“Brazil is getting to be like Italy — very stylish and a love of life, and they are willing to pay for it.”
—Ralph Lauren, Aug. 17

“I think a lot more people are into simplicity and contemporary, a minimalist approach. Then Lady Gaga came along and she makes Rihanna look like a minimalist.”
— Maria Sharapova, Aug. 29

“I have to love the perfume, otherwise I can’t bulls–t my way through selling it.”
— Betsey Johnson, Sept. 2

“I always said that I don’t know many designers who can put the same dress on Lil’ Kim and Sigourney Weaver.”
— Michael Kors, talking about his range of customers; Sept. 2

“Without curiosity, nothing happens — it’s at the basis of any discovery and evolution.”
— Carla Sozzani, 10 Corso Como, Sept. 9

WWD: Is there anyone’s style you look up to?
Justin Bieber:
Yeah, Kanye West. Usher’s real cool. He knows way more about fashion than I do. I’m learning from him. He helps me put stuff together and find different designers who I’ve never heard of. I just got a pair of Fendi sunglasses. I’d never heard of them before. I like Louis [as in Vuitton]. I started wearing their belts and stuff, which I really like [lifting his jacket to reveal an “LV” belt buckle].
— Sept. 10

“[My parents] …help me a lot with my company [the Project 360 clothing line]. My dad helps me a lot with my business side, and my mom and my grandparents [the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver] had a huge influence with the charitable component and the idea of
giving back.”
— Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sept. 14



“I know fashion week, but this is a little intense.”
— Justin Timberlake, front row at Oscar de la Renta; Sept. 14.

“He’s got butt-holding and hand-holding at the same time, it’s quite a skill.”
— Melissa George, about Russell Simmons, at Donna Karan’s after party; Sept. 15

“I have to tell you this: I am a huge fan of Sarah Palin. Cause she’s rad. She’s shrewd. She’s cool. Because at the end of the day, I’m for the people, because this is the United States of America…this is what America’s really about. Anyone should have the right to say, ‘Look I can do the job and this is what qualifies me to do the job.’.…Now my wife probably will debate and disagree with me.”
— Wyclef Jean, at Donna Karan’s after party; Sept. 15

“I can’t say enough about Donna Karan. She’s been my friend for 20 years and she makes me look like I am passive in my passion for Haiti.”
— Bill Clinton, at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting; Sept. 20

“On one side, I am a daughter working with her father, which is an incredibly remarkable experience in life no matter who your father is. It’s also quite an emotional thing. On another side, I know and understand I am working with Paul McCartney.”
— Stella McCartney, on her collaboration with her father on the “Ocean’s Kingdom” ballet at Lincoln Center; Sept. 21

“Winning is fun.”
— Tom Brady, at the opening a Ermenegildo Zegna’s Boston store; Sept. 22

“I love reality TV. It taught me a great deal, that people are rude and embarrassing, swear at the parents. I didn’t know guys did this, it’s amazing to me. The [famously dysfunctional] Jacksons are quite perfect compared to the families you see on television. They’re like angels.”
— La Toya Jackson, Sept. 23

“Life is not a cocktail party.”
— Karl Lagerfeld, Sept. 23

“I’m the new hot designer for soccer moms.”
— Red Carter, upon his company being acquired by Amerex; Sept. 26

“I am disgusted. I have no other words. I am disgusted and embarrassed: How can Italy tolerate Silvio Berlusconi and his bevy of girls?”
— Anna Wintour, quoted from an interview in La Repubblica newspaper; Sept. 26

“It used to be a man buying a trophy to give to another trophy.…Now the woman is becoming the customer and buying pieces for herself.”
— Alain Nemarq, Mauboussin, Sept. 26

“I apologize for the heat. Disrobing is an accepted form of behavior this evening.”
— amfAR chairman Kenneth Cole at an overly warm event; Sept. 28

“There’s times when I look back and say, ‘What was I thinking?’ But walking out the door, I make sure that I’m confident and that I’m owning what I’m wearing.”
— Fergie, Oct. 3

“I’m lucky to be able to drive race cars and still get made up. It’s a win-win.”
— Danica Patrick, Oct. 4

“Most of all, my mother was a patriot. She believed that her time in the White House was the greatest privilege of her life and worked hard to be worthy of the honor. She loved my father and her courage brought this country together after his death. And when it was all over, she resumed her life as a private citizen, a status she cherished.”
 — Caroline Kennedy, Oct. 17

“I don’t like to look at myself in the mirror, which is why my eye makeup is always crooked.”
— Daphne Guinness, Nov. 4

“I like the idea of being remembered not only for my clothes, and I like to bring an element of luxury that adds prestige to the city.”
— Giorgio Armani, opening a Milan hotel, Nov. 11.

“You don’t sell fragrance on intellect. You sell fragrance on your nose. It’s an immediate response. You either like it or you don’t. It’s like food — you either like beets or you don’t. Leonard still can’t get me to drink beer.”
— Evelyn Lauder, quoted in her obituary; Nov. 15

WWD: How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
Lady Gaga:
I still believe in Santa. He’s for sure around. He and the Easter Bunny. I’ve hung out with them and Jesus Christ a few times.
— Nov. 23

“When Hillary Clinton said it takes a village, I’m not sure she realized it also applies to apparel retailing.”
— Gary Schoenfeld, PacSun, Dec. 9

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