There’s really only one way to get the Hollywood A+ list.

Send in a New York media heavyweight. Book the Bel-Air Hotel. Spare no expense. Make sure you have an equal amount of moguls and movie stars. And even invite Lassie.

That’s exactly what New Yorker editor Tina Brown did, to the point where she seemed starstruck by her own guest list — an assemblage that included Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, Shirley MacLaine, Oliver Stone and Barry Levinson all chicly gathered at the Bel-Air to celebrate The New Yorker’s movie issue.

“I’m too blown away by this evening to talk,” the ebullient Brown admitted.

Her spirit was catching, and the evening turned into something of a hug fest. Emma Thompson embraced nearly every director she bumped into. Then there was Robin Williams, who during his dinner speech hugged deposed Tri-Star head Mike Medavoy and said, “It’s okay, everything’s gonna be all right.”

Carrie Fisher and Brooke Shields hugged the La Cuisine-made dessert table, and Glenn Close, in her “Jagged Edge” jacket and Barneys tank dress, hung on to her latest young escort, Steve Beers.

At Tina’s table: Steven Spielberg, Thompson — dressed in “very packable” Miyake — Ralph Fiennes, Donna Karan-clad Barbra Streisand, producer John Calley, Mike Ovitz and Ali MacGraw in Calvin Klein, who, like everybody, was betting on next week’s Oscars.

“‘The Piano’ to win!” said Michael Eisner. “Spielberg is my man,” cheered Whoopi Goldberg. As though not wishing to upset a tentful of “Schindler” worshippers, Anjelica Huston whispered, “‘In The Name of The Father”‘ and added, “I always go for the Irish.”

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