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Running from show to show, fitting to fitting or party to party is always rough going during fashion week. But this pack of insiders knows just how to survive with panache: Crème de la Mer, chocolate and lots and lots of water.

Beauty regimen: “A.M. Pilates sessions, Cetaphil, La Prairie eye cream, T3 straightening iron when I can’t get to Kattia or Fekkai for a blowout.”

What she’ll wear: “Oscar, of course! Purple bubble dress or ruffle lace blouse with vintage or Earnest Sewn’s Harlan jean.”

Snacks: Starbucks’ skim lattes, Fiji water, Diet Coke, pecans.

Mode of transportation:


Late-night fix: “Giorgione, Blue Ribbon, The Double Seven.”

At the ready: “Seat charts, iPod nano, BlackBerry, cell.”

On her feet: “Oscar ballet flats, suede crisscross halter platform sandals or black double-buckle booties.”

Beauty regimen: “Well, I have to overcompensate for lack of sleep, so I try to drink lots of water and keep my skin hydrated with creams. I like Crème de la Mer best. I try to keep my hair in as best condition as possible, too.”

What she’ll wear: “My Chanel ballet flats to run around in and probably little dresses from my collection on top of T-shirts.”

Snacks: “Almonds and dark chocolate.”

Mode of transportation: “Walking, running and taxis.”

Late-night fix: “Lindt dark chocolate, 70 percent cocoa, cherries and yogurt.”

Parties she’ll attend: “Calvin Klein and the Katy Rodriguez and Lula party.”

On her feet: “If I have the chance to get crazy with my footwear, I’ll be wearing wooden wedges.”

Beauty regimen: “Well, I just got back from holiday, so the tan makes everything easier. And weirdly, the busier I am, the better I look.”

What she’ll wear: “I have no clue….That’s not something I really plan in advance.”

This story first appeared in the September 11, 2006 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

What bag she’s carrying: “I don’t know yet, it depends on how much I need to fit.”

What’s in her bag: “I hate bags….I try to have the smallest one when I go out. My cell, for sure.”

Shows she’ll attend: “I don’t know yet. My priority is my job and it won’t allow me a lot of free time, so I will see. I think I’ll go to Marc Jacobs.”

Notebook: “I have a very good visual memory. If I see something I really like, I don’t have to write it down.”

Mode of transportation: “Taxi or share a car with some friends.”

Late-night fix: “It depends on the night. I am not very original — I guess I end up at Bungalow most of the time.”

Parties she’ll attend: “The French Vogue party on Saturday, of course.”

On her feet: “Ostrich-leather platforms by Alaïa. They’re really sexy, go with everything and allow me to dance and walk around all night without complaining.”

Beauty regimen: “I wash my face. Brush my teeth.”

What she’ll wear: “In New York? A lot of Marc Jacobs. And a cowboy hat [I’m bringing them back!].”

Mode of transportation: “Horse!”

Late-night fix: “Burger and fries.”

Shows she’ll walk: “I’m lucky, I get to do a lot — Rodarte, Anna Sui, Richard Chai, Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs….”

What’s in her bag: “Phone, cigarettes, music.”

Parties she’ll attend: “Most of them!”

On her feet: “Shoes, mostly flats.”

Beauty regimen: “Dr. Gross treatment, Napoleon makeup.”

What she’ll wear: “Lotta Prada, Marc and Marni.”

On hand: “BlackBerry.”

Shows she’ll attend: “Impossible to list them all.”

Notebook: “The BlackBerry.”

Mode of transportation: “The 1 train to the tents. Unless it’s raining, of course.”

Snacks: “What, no more York peppermint patty giveaway?”

Late-night fix: “‘The Daily Show.'”

Parties she’ll attend: “Calvin.”

Beauty regimen: “Cetaphil, La Mer and Magic Move for the hair. That’s it. No makeup for me.”

What she’ll wear: “My new A Detacher jacket (if it is cold enough). I’m looking forward to fall clothes.”

What bag she’s carrying: “I like to switch it up — probably YSL, Marni or Bottega Veneta.”

On hand: “BlackBerry.”

Shows she’ll attend: “I am going to support as many designers as I can, especially the ones that support my clients. Rag & Bone, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs to name a few.”

Notebook: “Who needs notes with I like to go through the shows again when I get home.”

Mode of transportation: “Taxi.”

Snacks: “Water and chocolate.”

Late-night fix: “Dinner at Bar Pitti.”

Parties she’ll attend: “Calvin Klein, because Maggie Gyllenhaal [one of my clients] is hosting.”

On her feet: “Flats — Miu Miu or Marni.”

Beauty regimen: “I try to keep my beauty regimen as simple as I can. A lot of water all day, products by PH Advantage, a hot bath every night with natural scented oils like lemongrass, geranium or rose to help me relax. I couldn’t live without a great-smelling lotion. I love Slatkins oxygenating cream in Persian lime and mimosa — it smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft.”

What she’ll wear: “Anything that is comfortable. My favorite jeans from Topshop, loose and feminine tops from my line, Rick Owens T-shirts and I just got the best Marc by Marc overalls that I love.”

Accessories of choice: “My Cartier love bracelet that is engraved from my husband.”

What’s in her bag: “Cherry ChapStick, Nars blush in Orgasm, my BlackBerry, a notebook filled with ideas, things to do and sketches. CDs with music for the show and usually a half-eaten cookie and some dinosaurs my son has left in there for later.”

Mode of transportation: “In New York, I walk as much as I possibly can.”

Snacks on hand: “I have a weakness for cookies of any kind.”

Late-night fix: “Lots of sugar-free Red Bull to keep me going. Also almond butter and bananas.”

Parties she’ll attend: “I wish that I would have enough energy to go to parties, but after work I just want to go home to my family and go to bed. I am doing a small dinner at the Spotted Pig after the show.”

On her feet: “K Jacques sandals from St. Tropez, Lanvin ballet flats and my Converse.”

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