If you hadn’t yet figured out that green is indeed the new black, a pair of swell parties held last week for socialite/author Sloan Barnett should have driven the point home (in a hybrid, of course).

A recent San Francisco transplant, Barnett has penned a tome titled “Green Goes with Everything.” To celebrate, her pal Melanie Ellison opened her uber-modern manse overlooking San Francisco Bay for two hundred chic ‘green’ enthusiasts. Arianna Huffington and Willow Bay flew up from Los Angeles, and yummy new mummy Vanessa Getty (in a belted purple mini-dress) took time out from her new baby, Veronica, to greet Alexis Swanson, Zem Joaquin, OJ Shansby, Denise Hale, Danielle Steel, Seth Matarasso, Nick Graham, and Juliet de Baubigny.

Then in New York, Jeff and Caryn Zucker feted Barnett with cocktails at the Central Park Boathouse. Park Avenue fixtures including Nina Griscom came out for the cause and everyone testified that they were doing their part to fight global warming. “I limit my use of the pool heater these days,” said Dennis Basso.

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