Akin Akman and Emily DiDonato in looks from Day One by Todd Snyder.

Todd Snyder is taking his Champion collaboration to the next level.

The men’s wear designer has teamed with Akin Akman, a fitness instructor with a large, influential fan base, on a capsule collection that will launch next week.

Called Drop One, the collection will feature five men’s and five women’s styles of T-shirts, tanks, hoodies and shorts. There will also be a special limited-edition bomber, signed by both Snyder and Akman, that will be available to celebrate the new partnership.

“I really wanted to take our Champion partnership to the next level, and collaborating with a true athlete like Akin brings an authenticity to the product,” Snyder said. He said he’s been working with Champion for over four years and this is “a cool way to connect with customers who may not know us.”

Snyder first met Akman when he was featured in the brand’s ad campaign last year and the two immediately hit it off. They created a T-shirt together six months ago, which sold out in a day, “so I said we should sit down and do something more meaningful.”

Snyder said Akin “is a brand of his own” with a community of followers called Akin’s Army, so he took some of the key Champion Todd Snyder product and added graphic elements to it to create Drop One. “Using Akin makes it real,” he said.

“I am such a fan of Todd’s. I love what his brand represents so when he approached us about collaborating, it was a natural fit,” Akman said. “Champion is a brand that truly represents my approach to fitness. Training like a champion, thinking like a champion is exactly what I strive to ignite in my army. It’s a mindset that defines both my fitness philosophy as well as my life.”

Akin Akman and Emily DiDonato are featured in the digital ad campaign.

Akin Akman and Emily DiDonato are featured in the digital ad campaign. 

The digital ads were shot by Sebastian Faena for Laird + Partners.

The digital ads were shot by Sebastian Faena for Laird + Partners. 

The collaboration will be unveiled during an event at the Todd Snyder store on Aug. 17 featuring DJ Greg K of the Misshapes. In addition, Akman and model Emily DiDonato are featured in a digital ad campaign that was shot by Sebastian Faena for Laird + Partners that will go live later this week on social media platforms and the Todd Snyder web site.

The collection will be sold at Snyder’s store and on his e-commerce site and is expected to be the start of an ongoing relationship.