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HUMAN CONTACT: Who’s afraid of a handshake? Not Usher.

“Tough times, people aren’t really shaking hands,” he said, when thanked for the warm gesture.

The musician had flown into Paris for the Rick Owens show from a so-far-coronavirus-free zone: Berlin.

“It’s really crazy to see how quickly we move when we realize that there’s a potential epidemic, but there’s an epidemic in America and we don’t move as fast every day,” he said, referring to his most recent project, “Burden,” a film that tackles bigotry in its darkest forms.

There are shocking parts in the movie, he noted, describing a situation where someone has to love a person who looks at them with hatred.

“Imagine bringing someone from the KKK to your home — you have to love him as a neighbor. It’s an age-old American story. Love is the only thing that will change people. Hatred is not love, love is love,” he added.

Michèle Lamy, meanwhile was displaying love for her husband in her own fashion — wearing an eerily lifelike Owens head, tucked to the side, snug under her right breast. She had turned it into a purse and was seen tucking her cell phone inside.

“She’s always dramatic and I love it — you love every bit of it,” Usher said, after posing with her for photos.

“You are amazing, this is phenomenal,” Gwendoline Christie gushed when she saw her, imploring Lamy to pause long enough to catch the image on her phone. Lamy obliged.

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