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Celebrities in Hollywood go to three types of parties. First are the dinners, held at another celebrity’s house. Then there are the fetes hosted by brands, at which celebrities turn into walking billboards. Third are the benefits. Benefits establish celebrities as serious individuals and that was what Thursday night was all about.

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane co-hosted a Vanity Fair and Dior event for Brandaid. This was even better than an ordinary benefit because the celebrities got to raise money for impoverished countries and Dior got their dresses onto the backs of the celebrities in exchange for underwriting the event. Everybody came out a winner. That meant Lane wore a Dior, but she paired it with glasses and looked very serious. The director Paul Haggis gave a speech. He started the organization, which buys up art in countries like Haiti auctions them off to very rich people (i.e. celebrities and the friends of celebrities) at higher prices, and then sends the money back countries they originally bought it from. It’s actually rather neat. Still, he said, “Everything is dirt cheap. We wanted to price things in this economy so the value will go up. You will not get deals like this in a couple of months.”

Nearby, the environmental organization Global Green threw a concert that Sheryl Crow performed at. There was a VIP room teeming with celebrities, among them Kate Bosworth, Heather Graham, Radha Mitchell (SP), and Jon Tenney from The Closer. “I’ve been involved with the organization since I was 19,” said Bosworth. “And I’m currently reading Hot, Flat and Crowded. It’s amazing.”

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