Edgar Bronfman Jr. married Clarisa Alcock in her native Venezuela in February, but for the party he threw in New York the other night to celebrate their marriage, he had the tropics brought to him. The lavish dinner and dance was in — of all places — the dance club Roseland, which Bronfman had redecorated to resemble a wild Havana nightclub.

There were handpainted jungle murals all along the walls of the place, which was peppered with parrots — real and fake — and Tito Puente and his band filled the space with Latin music. There were exotic drinks strewn about on big buffet tables, and a big Cuban-style buffet by Glorious Food, meaning pollo and plantains galore.

When dinner was over, salsa dancers got the confetti-covered crowd on its feet, and singer Celia Cruz joined Puente to sing a song or two. Around midnight, an enormous cake was wheeled out, and out burst drag diva Lypsinka and four muscle men, who as Carmen Miranda and company enthralled the party of several hundred, including Michael and Judy Ovitz, Barry Diller, Kathleen Turner and Jay Weiss, Jann Wenner and Lorne Michaels with “Weekend in Havana” before dessert.

Everyone got a Tito Puente tape, but no Cuban cigars. Ron Perelman and Gene Pressman brought their own, anyway.

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