This month, Dylan Lauren joins fashion types such as Heidi Klum, Twiggy and Marilyn Monroe when she is immortalized as a Collector’s Edition Barbie doll. Although the Lauren family is one of the most on-message clans in the business, whether talking clothing or candy, the toy won’t be decked out in designer duds by Lauren’s dad, Ralph. Instead she rocks a multicolored gown inspired by — what else? — a lollipop tree. Lauren spoke to WWD.

WWD: What’s it like to have your own Barbie?

Dylan Lauren: It’s weird because I don’t consider myself a Barbie doll. Some girls love to wear makeup, so it was weird to ask for the doll to have less makeup and natural hair. I was trying to make it look human.

WWD: Do you think she looks like you?

D.L.: I helped design it to make sure it looked like me. For me, hair is really important. I asked my hairdresser, “Where do you think highlights should go that look natural and not like a doll?” I had to have the highlights thinned out from how they were on an earlier version. And I have to say, she has great legs.

WWD: What was your inspiration for her dress?

D.L.: I wanted it to be very theatrical or costumelike, but fashionable. I could have worn Polo or jeans and a T-shirt like I do every day, but it’s a collectors’ doll, so we wanted a gown. We were inspired by candy. It’s modeled after our lollipop tree. I’m hoping one day we’ll make it a real dress. It will be a little bit loud, but we’ve talked about me wearing it to the Met Ball.

WWD: Are there plans to design more outfits for her?

D.L.: I would have liked to add a little more candy accessories, but everything costs money. I think it would be fun if you could put an ice-cream cone in her hand. Sometimes she wants candy, sometimes she wants gum, sometimes she wants gummy bears. Supposedly Barbie likes chocolate, but I didn’t think that looked as fun as a lollipop.

WWD: Did you have Barbies when you were a kid?

D.L.: I was not a girly girl. I was a tomboy. I did have a 1977 Barbie, but I was more into stuffed animals than dolls. I’m a stuffed rabbit collector.

WWD: Why is this partnership so important to you?

D.L.: It’s amazing how, after 50 years, it’s still a thing that adults are collecting. I did a meet-and-greet for the first line of products we launched with Barbie about a year ago [Lauren created Barbie-branded chocolates in 2009 in honor of the doll’s 50th anniversary], and there were men and drag queens and people from all over the world. One of the reasons Mattel approached me was they liked that I ran my own company and that I started my own business, and that it was candy and fun.

Dylan Lauren Collector’s Edition Barbie retails for $34.95 and will be available in Dylan’s Candy Bar stores, on the Dylan’s Web site, in Toys ‘R’ Us stores nationwide, on the FAO Schwarz Web site and in Mattel’s Barbie Collector catalogue.

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