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WWD Scoop issue 11/24/2008

“I have to have my coffee. I think it’s best for everyone.” —Elisabeth Moss

“First-class travel. I’m not ready to give that up yet.” —Jessica Biel

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“Today I went to Barneys and I was like, you know what, all of this is going to be on sale in three weeks.” —Molly Sims

“Instead of buying 10 extravagant items, you maybe buy one or two extravagant items and mix it up with the Gap.” —Kim Raver

“A massage. I can’t beat that stuff—it’s better than drugs.” —Duffy

“My facials. I go to Christine Chin in New York City.” —Hilary Swank

“Time, because I just hope that the economy doesn’t get so drastic that people lose time for their families.” —Laura Dern

“Lots and lots of money. —Dinos Chapman

“I could not give up eating organic food.” —Amy Smart

“I love getting acupuncture. That would be considered a luxury, but it also feels like a necessity because it keeps you balanced.” —Mandy Moore

“I’m a real foodie. It would not be right for me not to go out to eat.” —Maggie Gyllenhaal

“There is one luxury that I won’t give up: my facialist, Sepi, in Santa Monica.” —Rosanna Arquette

“Expensive olive oil, J. Atkinson soap and La Mer cream.” —Shiva Rose

“My mobile phone—it’s my biggest extravagance.” —Lily Donaldson

“Delicious food! I just love good food.” —Kirsten Dunst

“Airplanes. They’re a pretty big luxury.” —Natalia Vodianova

“Pink Champagne. I don’t drink it a lot, but when I do, I like it to be pink.” —Twiggy


“Beautiful shoes. I always think, if you have a beautiful pair of shoes, you look good. My favorite pair are always the last ones I bought.” —Stephanie Seymour

“I would say my makeup. My favorite is Dior. Then I would say my mother, my cat and my boyfriend.” —Roxanne Mesquida

“Handbags. My favorite is very expensive, about 2,000 pounds, but they’re timeless. Everyone is talking about the credit crunch, but I’ll still be using this one in 20 years.” —Camilla Al Fayed

“My dogs—they’re like family. I have six, including two that I rescued from the street in Mexico.” —Mónica Cruz

“My stage costumes, they’re a big extravagance. Feathers and rhinestones—I’ve just gotta have them.” —Dita Von Teese

“My haircuts by David Evangelista —Becki Newton

“Accessories. That’s the big one for me. Great accessories keep me up to date. I’m a sucker for shoes and bags.” —Tinsley Mortimer

“Probably a week on a boat in Corsica— that’s the one I’d keep. It’s the ultimate luxury. I go for 10 days or so every year.” —Antoine Arnault

“I’m such a sweet tooth, chocolate is my big luxury. Guylian sea shells are amazing.” —Emma Watson

“High-end watches. Gyrotourbillon are masterpieces. A performance watch like this one will for last 20 years.” —François-Henri Pinault

“Vaseline.” —Katie Price, aka Jordan

“Space and traveling. I’m going to Namibia soon for a holiday after all this fashion madness. After this crazy week I just need silence, so I’m going to the desert. There’s no mobile phone and no Internet.” —Vahina Giocante

“Buying books.” —Carolina Herrera

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