PARIS — With fashion brands at their beck and call on site, celebrities headed to the Cannes International Film Festival have mastered the art of suitcase essentials down to a T. Leaving no room for style mishaps, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein said he lets his designer wife Georgina Chapman direct the contents of his travel wardrobe: typically boiled down to seven Savile Row suits.

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WWD asked a host of actresses and industry players to share their Cannes packing list as well as what they love and hate about attending the biggest film festival on the planet:

Diane Kruger, actress, going for her role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds.”
Cannes essentials: “An evening gown, a swimsuit and good connections.”

Kristin Scott Thomas, actress, going for her role in “Nowhere Boy.”
Packing: “There’s no point in taking anything, the houses bring all these dresses down for us to wear. I’m longing to wear something old for once, to be able to wear the same dress more than once to an occasion like normal people do.”
Pros: “The view from my hotel window onto the sea.”
Cons: “There’s nothing that I hate about Cannes.”

Eva Green, actress, going as a Dior beauty ambassador.
“My contact lenses, my iPod and a pair of Dior sunglasses.”

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Eva Herzigova, model, going as a Chopard ambassador.

Packing: “A Balmain dress.”
Pros: “Cannes has this amazing glamour and amazing movies. It’s the combination of the two that’s very appealing.”
Cons: “The only thing is it’s not relaxing, but you don’t go there to relax. You don’t go on the beach, you just go to the boats. You can’t sunbathe on the beach in your bikini, you have to hide.”

Milla Jovovich, going as L’Oréal ambassador.
Packing: “A bathing suit and some day clothes, all of the rest of the stuff I borrow. I have an amazing relationship with Miuccia Prada and she usually hooks me up with a nice wardrobe. She was the person who told me to start designing; I’ve always been a supporter of her and she of me. I’ve always been pretty free about what I wear, though. I do want to support young designers as they’re the future; when my daughter grows up they’re who she’ll be wearing. I’ll probably wear some pieces from Alexander Wang and Thakoon, as well as Rodarte.”
Pros: “I like being able to open the eyes of the world to any designers or to promote a film.”
Cons: “All of the interviews, Cannes is pretty much all about business for me, I’m there to do my job. If I were going for pleasure, I’d go off-season when it doesn’t cost 300 euros [$408] for a seafood platter.”

Cecile Cassel, going for the Madame Aime concert.
“Aspirin for the day after; rescue remedy in case of stage fright, and a really good pair of shoes.”
Pros: “The best thing about Cannes is the discovery of new directors.”
Cons: “The worst thing is the hysteria.”


Emma de Caunes, actress, going for the Madame Aime concert.
“Aspirin, Stella McCartney faux leather heels and an alarm clock so I don’t miss any appointments.”

Delphine Chanéac, actress, going for fun.
“A good moisturizer, high heels and plasters for sore feet after walking around all day.”
Pros: “One thing I love is to borrow a dress and go to a premiere with a lot of stars and you feel like a little girl in a big shop.”
Cons: “The people who just don’t care, who will actually walk on your face. There’s no reason, but people push. I don’t understand the craziness.”

Virgine Ledoyen, actress, going for her role in “L’Armée du Crime” (“The Army of Crime”).
“My phone. As long as I have it I don’t need anything else.”
Pros: “The thing I love is the chance to see movies from everywhere in the world.”
Cons: “The thing I don’t like is the excess. The show takes over from the movies.”

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director, going for films.
“A cache of aspirin, my mobile phone because without your phone you’re a lost cause down there, and a raincoat. I’ve gone through festivals with clothes soaked completely through, which didn’t even dry any more. You absolutely need a raincoat.”

Emmanuelle Devos, actress, going for “Les Herbes Folles” (“Wild Grass”).
“Relaxing bath salts, a massage therapist and a good hairdresser. All that in your bag!”