Touched down at O’Hare, just missing a blizzard! The city, blanketed in snow, looked like Siberia. Off to my parents’ for five days of pampering and a book party at Graff’s brand-new Oak Street town house. Went on a shopping marathon, found the jeweled Prada mules, gray flannel Louboutin flats and suede Tod’s that were sold out instantly in New York! Stopped for lunch at Neiman Marcus, with its famous popovers and strawberry butter, found Marc Jacobs’ long jacket and green polkadot blouse, hit Chanel and did damage. Dinner at Pasteur, a Vietnamese restaurant, where the soft spring rolls and spicy shrimp are served under billowing white linen curtains and bamboo.

Breakfast reminds me of what I miss most about Chicago — the view over Lake Michigan! My parents’ apartment overlooks icy white caps lapping the snow-covered beach. Even on a gray winter day, the sight is dazzling. Only a ribbon of cars separates Lake Shore Drive from the water. The city may be windy, but the vista beats Park Avenue. Olympic eating: lunch at Bistrot Zinc, Pierrot Gourmet and Le Colonial. Dinner at the Green Zebra for its famous sweet potato dumplings and Bice for pasta.

Over a hundred glamorous guests turned up on Tuesday night for champagne under Graff’s trompe l’oeil, cloud-covered ceiling to celebrate my book here. My pals, Maureen Smith and Caryn Harris, brought out the troops and organized an elegant dinner in the chic Casino Club. Graff’s Henri Barguirdjian presided with aplomb. The theme? As Edward Byron Smith suggested to Linda Rice Johnson, “Jamee in the sky with diamonds!”

Editor’s Note: Jamee Gregory, author of “New York Apartments,” is now safely back in New York after her jaunt to Chicago last week.

This story first appeared in the January 20, 2005 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

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