We’re calling you from the coast of Corsica, where we have been sailing for 10 days. It is absolutely beautiful here! Corsica is a piece of the Alps that got ditched from the mainland, so there are many amazing mountains and incredible beaches. I’m traveling with my girlfriend, Shirin, and my son, Alexander. We have a 110-foot sailboat and six cabins, so we have had many guests.

We’ve been to Porto Cervo, where we ran into Giorgio Armani and Diego della Valle at Cipriani. We spent a whole day canyoning, and going hiking in the Natural Country Park just off of Bavala. We jumped off rocks into the natural pools and slid down waterfalls. The water is incredible — we take picnics, dive, swim, snorkel and go sea urchin fishing. We’ve had dinner at amazing restaurants, like Capu Bianco on the bay. We eat fresh fish and vegetables and watch spectacular sunsets. Tonight we’re going to Santa Giulia Bay to meet some friends.

I love sailing, and my friends are good sailors. To me, there’s nothing better, because it’s quiet. I have everybody wearing my hair sun protectant spray and lots of sunblock. It’s also good to put a little bit of olive oil in the hair.

A few nights ago we stopped on Madalena, because the winds were strong, and sailing would have been difficult. But it was fun to be stuck. We used the time to go and find all these wonderful regional products, like honey and jam.

The winds are kicking again. I’ve been canceling my vacation for the last three years, so I’m so glad I finally came.

Editor’s Note: Frédéric Fekkai returns this week from his vacation sailing the high seas of Corsica.

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