It’s been a whirlwind two weeks — first L.A., then Tahoe, then Hawaii and now back to San Francisco and off to New York soon. Even though I live here, we’re waiting for our new house on Vallejo Street to be finished, so Billy, 20-month-old Nicholas, our dog Emily and I are staying at the Four Seasons. It’s sort of like a vacation, so different to be downtown since I’ve always lived in Pacific Heights. Now I am just a stone’s throw from Union Square, but because I’m expecting my second baby in September, it’s not like I can buy new clothes every day. (Thank goodness I picked up some stretchy Rick Owens when I was in L.A.)

Last week, went to Gladys Perint Palmer’s party for her book, “Fashion People,” on Tuesday. I’m in the book under “Party People” (not that that’s how I think of myself). Then had a birthday dinner on Wednesday for Denise Hale, Nicholas’ godmother, and dinner with Peter Coyote and his wife, Stephanie, at Bix Thursday. But it’s not all parties.

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On Friday, it was up to Sacramento to rescue dogs for the animal rescue center I fund, Pets Unlimited. We already have Trevor Traina on the board and are planning a pet-interactive event for summer. I am thinking “dogs and diamonds” or “canines and karats.” Next week, we are off to N.Y. to see Henry and Belle Davis (formerly Burden), in Watermill. Their baby, Hudson, is our little man’s age. Am loving traveling everywhere with my family!

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