Americans may love their fitness trackers, but they still prefer running with a friend.

According to Brooks Running Company’s third-annual Run Happy Nation report, 32 percent of Americans would choose a friend as their training partner over a digital fitness tracker (24 percent) or their dog (20 percent).

When it comes to their apparel, 62 percent of American women prefer briefs to wear under their running shorts rather than nothing at all (8 percent). For sports bras, 47 percent of women opt for racerbacks, 39 percent crossbacks and 14 percent front closures.

In terms of accessories, 53 percent said they can’t live without their music and 13 percent won’t leave home without their performance socks.

Running also impacts romance, according to the survey, which found that pre-race romance improves running performance for 35 percent of all Americans, and 48 percent of those under 40. And 41 percent report they feel “frisky” after a run.

The survey also found 47 percent of runners prefer trails and 27 percent would choose the Grand Canyon as the top spot for a running vacation. And if the weather is frightful, 43 percent say they’ll jump on a treadmill instead of missing a run.

“At Brooks, we live and breathe running, which is why it’s always exciting to learn more about what makes runners tick,” said Heather Snavely, Brooks’ senior director of global brand.