Falke wants to help women reduce their cellulite.

The Germany-based hosiery brand is launching a line of Cellulite Control products. The assortment, which will be available this September at Falke.com, includes a pair of tights and a panty that utilize what Falke is calling a “Triple Action” system.

The panty and the tights feature special mesh fabric that massage the skin, which helps stimulate blood circulation, improves elasticity and in turn reduces cellulite. The band at the groin also stimulates lymphatic tissue. Falke claims this technology will also make the legs look slimmer over time.

The tights will retail for $99 and the panties will retail for $80. The tights will be offered in 20 denier in two different skin tones along with navy, gray and black.

“At Falke we produce product that not only makes our customers look great but also feel great,” said Tanya Pictor, vice president of marketing at Falke USA. “Our new cellulite hosiery innovation is yet another statement of how Falke continues to lead the way in innovative and technically advanced product.”

Falke recently partnered with Hercules, the biannual luxury men’s magazine on a pair of silk embroidered socks. Before that, the brand collaborated with Manolo Blahnik on a pair of socks.