SHANGHAI — Hyosung Corp. has a lot of innovation on its plate for spring-summer 2013.

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Superchlorine-resistant spandex, extrabright luster nylon and polyester with a soft cottonlike hand were among the new products unveiled earlier this month at workshops with partner mills in Mainland China by the Seoul-based fiber company.

Ria Stern, Hyosung’s director of global brand marketing, and Louisa Smith, the company’s international trend consultant, wrapped up a series of intimate apparel and swimwear seminars in Shanghai, following presentations in Hong Kong, and Fujian and Guangdong provinces.

For swimwear, the focus was on Creora Highclo H-350S, a new blend of spandex and elastane designed to deliver a higher level of chlorine resistance as well as compression and shaping. The development of the product was spurred by the growing demand for performance swimwear and water fitness, and the burgeoning popularity of swimwear that has the control and support benefits of shapewear, said Smith.

A new multipurpose product, Mipan AquaX, a cool-touch nylon with moisture management and UV protection, was introduced for three categories: intimate apparel for fall 2012, and activewear and swimwear for spring-summer 2013.

For the intimates and swim segments, Stern said consumer demand for fashion and function is expected to continue to bolster business, noting that a big trend will be brighter finishes and surfaces that have a “certain gleam” effect. This trend will be important in shapewear, especially retro-glam pieces.

In order to produce more vibrant, shinier surfaces, Hyosung created Mipan Rexy, a quick-dry nylon and spandex blend with a supermetallic luster, said Stern.

Smith said Hyosung is working on a new environmentally friendly synthetic derived from sugar, beets and corn to “fit in with the whole eco aspect of the outdoor trend.”

Further addressing the eco trend, Hyosung has developed Eco H-550 for its Creora brand of spandex, a low-heat set spandex that requires less energy to produce.

In another development, the company unveiled Cotna, a polyester that feels like cotton. Stern said the product was created for two reasons: consumer demand for materials with cottonlike qualities and industry demand for cheaper blends amidst ongoing spikes in cotton prices.

Regarding future innovation, Smith said Hyosung is working on developing more temperature-regulating applications for fibers. In particular, the company is developing applications for its Aerocool moisture-management polyester, Aerowarm warmth- and moisture-management polyester, and Creora Performance H-350, a heat-resistant spandex. The goal is to create fibers that adjust to hot and cool temperatures.

“This is in the early developments, but it is a concept we see growing,” said Smith.

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