Imperial Headwear has partnered with NextGenGolf, which operates the National Collegiate Club Golf Association and the City Tour, to become the “Official Headwear of NextGenGolf.”

NCCGA is the largest Collegiate Club Golf Association in the world and runs competitive, two-day tournaments for over 15,000 non-varsity golfers on more than 350 collegiate golf clubs. City Tour provides 18- to 34-year-olds with social and competitive golf experiences. Launched in Boston in 2014, the City Tour will expand to over 20 cities and over 100 events in 2016.

“Imperial is proud to support Nextgengolf and their mission to grow the game with 18- to 34-year-olds,” said David Shaffer, director of marketing at Imperial Headwear. “There are over 12 million Millennials who are very interested in playing golf, yet only half of them actively participate. NextGenGolf provides opportunities for this population to engage in the game and reverse declining participation rates.”

He said the Imperial will provide NextGenGolf with product for its events “as well as special programs/pricing/service for their teams and members. Imperial is hoping to endear our brand to Millennials who participate in NextGenGolf, as well as promote the game in general and reverse declining participation rates among this segment specifically.”

“NextGenGolf is grateful for the support of great corporate partners like Imperial Headwear,” said Kris Hart, chief executive officer of NextGenGolf. “But not only is Imperial an iconic golf brand, their values align with our mission so this will be a truly wonderful partnership.”