Lindsey Vonn, fashion designer?

That might just be in her future.

“I’ve thought of doing a ski line,” she told WWD. “Under Armour is one of my sponsors, so maybe I can design a line with them. I think it could be really fun. I’ve been out in the cold my whole life so I know what keeps you warm, but it would also look good.”

But a Lindsey Vonn collection is definitely on the back burner for the time being. Right now it’s the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, that are her primary focus.

The gold medal-winning downhill skier took time out of her training for a quick chat in advance of an Under Armour event Tuesday in Los Angeles to introduce a new range of sports bras.

Although it’s the off-season, the driven and competitive Vonn rarely takes a day off from training.

“I’m just working out in the gym now and I’ll go to my first on-snow camp in New Zealand at the end of the month,” she said. Then she will visit Chile in September for some more cold-weather training before the World Cup season begins.

“I’m working hard and the training is going well,” she said. “My knee is really good and it’s nice to actually have a summer without being in rehab.”

Vonn was able to return to winning form earlier this year when she notched a record 67th World Cup victory. This came after two career-threatening crashes and subsequent knee surgeries that kept her out of the last Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

And even though she’ll be 33 when she hits the slopes in Pyeongchang, she’s confident that she can continue to perform at the top of her game. “I still feel really strong and very motivated,” she said. “I took two years off for injuries, which was actually good for me. I now have a fresh attitude.”

Even so, she remains realistic, saying the Pyeongchang Games will be the final time she’ll compete at that level. “We have the World Cup and World Championships first, but my long-term goal is to be healthy and perform my best at my last Olympics.”

That never-say-die attitude comes through in the ads Vonn will do for the Armour Bra, where she’s photographed looking straight at the camera dressed in a jog bra and tights.

Although Vonn is most often seen covered from head-to-toe in skiwear, she’s not shy about showing off her toned 5-foot, 10-inch body. The Under Armour shots are demure, however, in comparison to her photos in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue a few years ago.

Vonn shrugged it off, saying: “I’m in the gym almost every day in a sports bra and shorts, so I’m not shy.”

She knows, too, that the strong message in the ads will connect with other women. “It’s right up my alley,” she said. “It’s about being determined and knowing no one can stop me.”

So will it be hard for Vonn to stand on the sidelines once her sports career is over?

“I think I’ll have a hard time transitioning,” she admitted. “I’m a very competitive person and I’m used to working really hard. It’ll be very different, but I think I’ll be able to shift my focus and goals.”

She expects to continue to represent her sponsors — Under Armour, Red Bull and others — but “my main focus will be on my foundation. I started the Lindsey Vonn Foundation in February to empower young women.”

That rang true after the women’s U.S. soccer team’s recent World Cup win. “That was so inspiring for sports and girls in general,” Vonn said. “We’re all so proud of them and it really helps shine a spotlight on women’s sports.”

Once she hangs up her skis, Vonn expects to continue to be active, even if she’s not competing at the world-class level. “I love tennis and I love being active and I think it’s something I’d be good at.”

She’ll also continue to keep in touch with her followers on social media. “It’s a great way to communicate with fans,” she said. While she was injured, she found that many would contact her that way “asking for advice and how to keep a positive attitude.”

But there are a few things she won’t share.

Vonn, an admitted techie, said she has been using a GoPro camera when she’s on skis to help her evaluate her form as well as the fitness apps that Under Armour has acquired. “It helps me keep track of my personal effort,” she said. “But I don’t really share that on social media. I’m super secretive.”

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