Miraclesuit is expanding its portfolio of products to include legwear.

The specialist of fashion and shaping swimwear has partnered with PS Brands/Planet Sox to launch the first Miracle Legs by Miraclesuit collection of hosiery, tights, leggings and thigh-high styles.

First-year wholesale sales for the legwear are estimated at $4 million, according to industry sources. Distribution is aimed at major department and specialty stores for holiday 2013.

Elie Levy, president and chief executive of PS Brands LLC, said the concept of the slimming legwear will be based on the “Look 10 Pounds Lighter in 10 Seconds” marketing tag line for Miraclesuit’s figure-flattering swimwear, Miraclebody Jeans and Miraclesuit Shapewear.

“Shaping hosiery has become a must-have for women of all ages. We recognize its availability in the marketplace, but we feel it has not been properly addressed for all customers,” said Levy. “By partnering with Miraclesuit, we are working with industry experts who understand shaping better than anyone, and by leveraging their technology, we will bring this category to a new level of coverage for this previously underserved consumer.”

The legwear will feature Miraclesuit’s proprietary shaping and control applications in the leg and panty areas, said Susan Spindell, sales manager for PS Brands.

“We previewed the concept in February and will show the entire collection at the May market. Retailers liked the idea of shaping legwear.…An idea they really liked was a new thigh-high design that sculpts around the thighs,” said Spindell.

Suggested retail for the shaping legwear will be $18 to $24 for footless tights; $50 to $60 for leggings with control panels, and $20 to $26 for both sheer hosiery and basic and fashion tights.

In addition to the U.S., Miraclesuit products are distributed in Europe, Asia, the Mideast, Australia, Canada and Mexico.