A look from P.E. Nation's new snow collection.

P.E. Nation, the multifaceted activewear and ath-leisure brand, launched its first stand-alone and sustainable snow line Wednesday.

Simultaneously, the Australian brand will introduce a custom-created Instagram filter that transports the user into an international snow environment where they can “try on” selected garments from the collection.

P.E. Nation’s Instagram filter.  courtesy shot.

The filter was developed in collaboration with creative agency Andpeople and the team behind the Institute of Digital Fashion. The user’s journey begins by accessing a filter via the P.E. Nation Instagram account, which enables her to digitally trial three key pieces from the collection. Users can then tailor their look by virtually wearing the collection, and by entering a 360-degree universe. The filter will transfer the user to the P.E.-branded snow environment. Customers can then purchase their chosen outfit directly from P.E. Nation’s online store.

“This was an exciting opportunity for P.E. Nation to push tech-use toward a more sustainable future; to digitally reinvent and showcase fashion in a new and innovative way, and to produce digital products that function, respond and behave as they would in physical spaces,” Pip Edwards, cofounder of P.E. Nation said.

It was a way to reimagine the brand’s seasonal launch by bringing the social escape of the ski slopes to customers.

“We’re living and working within a new societal norm core on a global scale, products are no long limited to curated imagery and look books, but rather experiences that have augmented the way our customers interact and engage with them. Winter, for example, represents a seasonal moment of expression, an escape to the annual snow-covered pilgrimage,” cofounder Claire Tregoning added. “Naturally this year with global and domestic travel bans in place, the season as we know it will be different, and we wanted to ensure P.E. Nation was moving with it.”

The snow collection ranges from ski jackets and ski jumpsuits to hoodies, knits and tops. Base layers are constructed using internal polar fleece, the bonded leggings feature an elastic stirrup; midlayer pieces are made from 100 percent Merino wool, and cropped organic cotton hoodies are made of brushed fleece.

Edwards anticipates the contrast split jackets will be key looks. There is a longer-line black-and-white jacket and a pink and red cropped one. Both can be worn with all the pants in the range.

“It’s a more feminine look than we’ve done before in our snow collections, but really showcases our color-clashing aesthetic,” Edwards said. “I love the monochrome, the jacket is easy to wear on and off the mountain, and the versatility is perfect. And for visibility on the mountain and a pop of color, the red is a must, après chic, too.”

Both avid skiers, Edwards and Tregoning said a snow collection was important to them.

“Pip and I love skiing, we love the snow and as an active brand, we want to showcase everything our active lives embody,” Tregoning said, noting that the snow line is also authentic. “Pip and I have wear-tested all the gear personally in Utah (which is a lot colder than the Australian snow season). And it was excellent. It has a warmth rating starting from 10k, 20k waterproof and Insulation 3M Thinsulate, and 78 percent recycled insulation designed by scientists to reuse recycled plastics and to help reduce waste on the planet.”

The snow line is expected to be a growing category for P.E. Nation, especially since it rounds out the active offerings alongside swim, training, ath-leisure and fashion categories.

Retail prices range from $130 to $590, and the line will be sold at PE-Nation.com, Browns and Snowsport.

A look from P.E. Nation’s snow collection.  courtesy shot.

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