Patagonia‘s Nano Puff collection is now even more environmentally friendly.

Patagonia said while it’s not easy to lighten the environmental impact of a technical piece like the Nano Puff without sacrificing performance, the company challenged its partners at PrimaLoft to help. The result is PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Eco, a premium synthetic insulation made with 55 percent recycled content.

With zero loss in performance, Gold Eco is just as lightweight, compressible and warm even when wet. After years of iterating by PrimaLoft, Patagonia was so impressed with the insulation it is using it in all men’s and women’s Nano Puff styles starting this fall.

By using Gold Eco in the Nano Puff styles, Patagonia said it will save two million plastic bottles from the landfill in the first year alone. With the goal of making the biggest environmental impact possible, beginning in 2017, PrimaLoft will replace all of its Gold Insulation, anywhere it’s used, with the new 55 percent recycled Gold Eco.

“PrimaLoft’s significant commitment to use Gold Eco across the board starting next year goes well beyond Patagonia’s initial challenge and the impact will be seen in the outdoor community as well as any industry that currently uses the Gold Insulation,” stated Jenna Johnson, senior director of Global Technical Outdoor at Patagonia. “The new Nano Puff exemplifies the three pillars of our mission — to build the best product, do no unnecessary harm, and equally as important, to use business to help solve the environmental crisis. When businesses join forces and work together, the benefits to the environment are compounded and everyone wins.”

Patagonia has been using recycled materials in its products since 1993 when the company began turning plastic bottles into fleece. Recycled materials have been incorporated into the Nano Puff jacket since it launched in 2009 with shell and liner fabrics woven from 100 percent recycled polyester. Since 2014, the woven Patagonia labels that appear on all Nano Puff garments have been made with 85 percent recycled polyester content, and this season, all Nano Puff zippers will be made from more than 50 percent recycled polyester.

“PrimaLoft is excited to deliver on Patagonia’s request to build upon our sustainable product line and create a more eco-friendly version of our highest performing insulation,” said Mike Joyce, president and chief executive officer of PrimaLoft Inc. “Sustaining an ethical and environmentally sound business has always been one of the core values for us at PrimaLoft. Partnering with Patagonia, an industry leader in sustainable practices, to introduce Gold Eco is a natural fit. With this latest innovation, we believe we’ve found that elusive balance of using recycled content while maintaining the high level of performance consumers expect from both PrimaLoft and Patagonia.”

The Nano Puff collection includes the men’s and women’s Nano Puff jacket, pullover, hoodie, pullover and vest. It is available for purchase at Patagonia retail and partner stores and at

Patagonia, an outdoor apparel company based in Ventura, Calif., is a certified B Corporation. The company is recognized internationally for its commitment to authentic product quality and environmental activism, contributing more than $78 million in grants and in-kind donations to date.