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The latest marketing campaign by the Seven Bar Foundation featuring naked women is guaranteed to turn the heads of jaded New Yorkers.

Breaking this week in 20 key Manhattan locations, a series of 10 posters featuring “everyday American women” will grace a variety of venues in Manhattan including the walls of city buildings, construction sites, phone booths and kiosks, said Renata Black, chief executive officer of the Empowered by You initiative, and founder of Seven Bar Foundation, an organization that helps microfinance start-up businesses for impoverished women worldwide.

The visuals of the women who have bared it all for the empowerment of women were created to encourage other women to share a secret vulnerability, heartache or dream and the way they chose to overcome their all-too-human foibles. The poster’s tag line reads: “What Empowers You? Tell Us at”

The provocative black-and-white images of women representing different ages and ethnicities tells a story of personal challenges represented by words such as “rejection,” “loss,” “self doubt,” “divorce” and “betrayal.” The words are painted across body parts such as a thighs, backs and chests. A sidebar outlines the first name of a woman, her challenge and what empowers her.

The campaign, which was photographed by Reka Nyari, will also be featured on the home page of Seven Bar’s newly relaunched Web site, which features an interactive platform with a live-feed stream where women can upload photos and share their stories with the foundation’s community. The multifaceted digital campaign will be fully integrated across other social media platforms  including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Additionally, women who share their images and stories will be entered to win a gift pack that contains a $1,000 donation to microfinance in their name and a chance to be featured in the next visual campaign.

“This public service campaign serves as a platform to ignite our ethos, ‘Whatever Empowers You, Empowers Women Everywhere.’ It is about providing an entry point for everyday women to share how they are able to turn weakness into strength,” said Black. “This insight on how women become empowered by their vulnerabilities inspires others and creates awareness for the empowerment of women everywhere.”

Eva Vai, one of the women featured in the poster campaign, was challenged by immigration issues but was empowered by the American dream. At five years old, she was left in Lithuania by her parents, who moved to the U.S. with the sole goal of setting themselves up and bringing their daughter to the U.S. for a better life. She finally moved to the U.S. at age 11, having lived parentless throughout most of her childhood years.

“Knowing that my parents struggled to give me a life of independence empowers me to want to fulfill my version of the American dream,” commented Vai.

Black added she plans to take the poster campaign to other metropolitan cities, such as Los Angeles and Miami.

“We’re also planning another major fashion show, something that will tie in with a popular music festival,” said Black.

Last year, the organization introduced the Empowered by You panty, which is sold in over 65 stores across the U.S. and Europe. Black said 20 percent of net sales of the undies, which retail for $20 a pair, are donated to microfinance institutions for the empowerment of women.