Carrera Jeans' Legg-Jeans style featuring the aloe vera treatment.

MILAN — Italian denim specialist Carrera Jeans is gearing up to debut in the U.S. market in September through a joint venture with a Los Angeles-based clothing retail agent.

The company is targeting the U.S. via the wholesale channel and plans to set up an e-commerce providing a B2B platform for retailers in the country.

“Our aim is to set our positioning higher than our historical one of affordable denim,” said Gianluca Tacchella, Carrera Jeans’ chief executive officer on Tuesday, unveiling a couple of new denim styles, which he expects will contribute to a stronger entrance in the U.S.

While relying on a diversified catalogue of products including cotton pants, T-shirts and outerwear, Carrera Jeans will debut its new denim pants in the U.S.: the Passport style priced at $89, and the aloe-treated Legg-Jeans retailing at $59, for men’s and women’s, respectively.

Although men’s wear accounts for 80 percent of the company’s sales in its most relevant markets — including Italy, Europe and the Middle East — the foray in the U.S. will focus more on the women’s segment. “Eighty percent of our clients are women, they buy our products for their partners,” said Tacchella highlighting the brand’s commitment to engage more with female customers buying for themselves.

The Legg-Jeans style, crafted from the patented Spintech Elastic denim fabric, is treated with aloe vera to enhance the garment’s comfort and performance features. “We are not really a brand doing fashionable products, the value of our apparel is something out of sight, which stands at the core of the product,” said Tacchella. The style is also certified by Italy’s VeganOK, as a cruelty-free item.

Carrera Jeans' Passport style for men's.

Carrera Jeans’ Passport style for men’s.  Courtesy Photo.

Responsibility toward the environment, as well as ethical production cycles are key assets of the company, explained Tacchella, citing discharged water treatments and ethical working standards among Carrera Jeans’ priorities in its two Tajikistan factories. There, the brand employs around 3,000 workers, the vast majority of whom are female.

Originally established on the outskirts of Verona, Italy in 1965 by the Tacchella family, Carrera Jeans started producing denim in 1968. In 1991 it relocated its factories to Tajikistan, once part of the former Soviet Union, setting up a vertical pipeline which includes cotton harvesting, yarn and garment making, as well as washing and finishing. “We had to move our production to countries with a tradition in cotton farming, because quality relies upon consistency,” contended Tacchella.

In 2017, Carrera Jeans posted revenues of around 50 million euros, of which 35 million euros generated in Italy alone. Thanks to its wholesale distribution the company is able to reach around 8,000 doors. In order to meet the demand for an omnichannel approach, the company debuted a B2B dedicated platform on its online shop.

The brand currently operates 40 flagships in Italy, including shops in Milan, Rome and Verona, among others.

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