Marianna Hewitt's capsule for DL1961.

DL1961, the 10-year-old sustainable denim brand, is collaborating with lifestyle blogger and influencer Marianna Hewitt on a capsule collection, that will be introduced at retail next month.

Hewitt, who also has a skin-care line called Summer Fridays, has 917,000 followers on Instagram. Last week, WWD reported that Summer Fridays raised its first outside capital from Prelude Growth Partners.

Zahra Ahmed, chief executive officer of DL1961, said the impetus for the collection  was that Hewitt told her that she always has trouble finding jeans. The capsule, which consists of 24 styles, uses fibers and technology that reduces the usage of water, energy and chemicals during the manufacturing, with the goal of a more gentle environmental impact. The collection is designed with body inclusivity in mind, and offers denim, skirts, jumpsuits, tops and bodysuits, Ahmed said.

Hewitt’s collection will launch exclusively at Nordstrom on Sept. 12. The line retails from $149 to $229 and will also be available at, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop and selected specialty stores at the end of September. Inclusive sizing will be available at Anthropologie and

The line was designed to be very feminine using rose gold hardware. It is produced in the company’s factories in Pakistan, with certain pieces made in China. The collection is slightly more expensive than DL1961.

Hewitt said this was the first denim collaboration she’s ever done. She did a collaboration a few years ago — before she was an influencer — with House of CB for a line of dresses, that were worn by Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez. “Now denim is like a staple for me from day to night, meetings and travel, so I’m really excited about this collaboration,” she said.

Hewitt met the brand a few years ago through Jessica Alba, who previously did a collaboration with DL1961. They were doing an event and they had gifted Hewitt some jeans. “It was the first time I had tried the brand. Ever since that time, I have loved the brand, I have repurchased it as a consumer and got to know more about them. I found myself gravitating toward their styles, their fits and their fabrics,” Hewitt said.

Elaborating on the experience, she said, “It was so incredible. They just know so much. From the years of creating denim and selling to retailers, they really understand what works best for customers and have so much data about fits and fabrics. I feel like denim is a very specific piece of clothing. You want it to feel a certain way, you want it to fit a certain way. You want to invest in these pieces. I have my favorite denim I want to wear over and over again,” Hewitt said.

She described her personal style as laid-back California with a little bit of New York thrown in. “I love to dress for comfort, first and foremost. I like jeans with a little bit of stretch that fit me really well. I love to embrace classic denim, with T-shirts, blazers, duster sweaters, and I love to style them for day to night with sneakers and swapping them with booties for night,” she said.

Hewitt said she doesn’t really have an interest in having her own fashion line. “I love partnering with brands right now. I have my own skin-care line. This is a great way to create pieces I love, but really partnering with brands who know how to do it best,” she said. With all the work they’ve done in her skin-care company, she acknowledged how difficult it is to start a company. “I really value the partnership,” she said, “especially in something so specific like denim.”

Asked about her favorite piece, she said, “I love all the crop pieces. It looks like vintage denim but feels more comfortable.”

Hewitt said she will be promoting the collection on social media. She’ll also do a press and influencer event during New York Fashion Week, where guests can see and try on the denim. She plans to make store appearances at Nordstrom in Los Angeles and Bloomingdale’s flagship in New York.

Marianna Hewitt is collaborating with DL1961 on a capsule.  Cibelle Levi

Hewitt will also appear in the capsule’s ad campaign, photographed by Cibelle Levi. 

In addition to previously collaborating with Alba, DL1961 has also done a collaboration with Bag Snob. “We love to have collaborations,” Ahmed said. “It brings fresh insight into the brand.”

Hewitt will collaborate with DL1961 for one season. Ahmed declined to reveal sales projections for the capsule.