Maryley Denim

Meeting a growing consumer demand for customization, Maryley Denim rolled out a bespoke program for its Italian-made premium jeans. Monique Soulet, brand manager at Maryley Denim, said shoppers are looking for comfort and fit as well as more personalization.

Here, Soulet discusses the program, which was launched at the Coterie show in New York earlier this month, as well as other trends in the high-end denim market.

WWD: What are some of the broader trends that you are seeing in the premium denim market right now?

Monique Soulet: Straight leg silhouettes utilizing high performance denim. High-waisted looks continue to gain momentum in addition to “double-yoked” backs — adding structure to super high-waisted jeans. Clean, distressed with emotion. Signature 100 percent “Made in Italy” selvage denim.

WWD: Consumers — especially Millennials in particular — crave authenticity and personalization. How does your bespoke program meet these needs? Is this being offered elsewhere?

M.S.: Authenticity comes from years of experience. Maryley is yet eight years old, but between our craftsmanship, technology and partnering with Berto premium denim mill and internal partnerships, we have extensive experience and appreciation for quality. Our Bespoke program is still being formed into something dynamic that the market is entrenched in and asking for more and more to fill customer allegiances and exclusivity at the retail level.

We are working to fulfill a niche that can be brought into a very functional unique buying experience for the store and the customer making a personal decision on the finest and most interesting denim in the market. There are a few domestic brands buying from Italian mills who recognize the value and quality of our indigo. Berto produced denim for Valentino’s resort 2016 and looking forward, for Chanel’s fall-winter 2017-18 collections. I have seen a few domestic successes who really understand how to meet this interest in the customer experience (for example, 3×1, which uses Berto). But I have not seen the “100% Made in Italy Bespoke Program” anywhere else in the U.S.

WWD: How does the program work?

M.S.: We partner with Berto to create washes, finishes and denim qualities that prove to be different while creating imaginative design, without fear. We make creative efforts to explore recipes and then along with our expert monitoring of dye baths — we can ensure uniformity of tone, quality and color fastness. We accommodate our retail partners needs in fit, style, color and silhouette. Everything is cut-to-order and can ship in 30 to 45 days landed directly from Italy (at no additional cost ) to the U.S. retailer — minimizing risk and increased inventory levels. We do not stock inventory. The retailer can truly manage their business, control deliveries but can also provide a heightened level of personalized service to their customers.

WWD: How else does Maryley Denim differentiate itself in the market?

M.S.: Maryley is a freshly pioneered 100 percent “Made In Italy” denim manufacture with capabilities to create imaginative design meeting the requirement of a diverse retail base while maintaining quality consistency and good delivery to the U.S. market. Our small minimums and pricing exceeds the standard of the Denim market allowing the consumer to participate in customizing their personal preferences made available by Maryley.

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