Sadie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” in the spring 2016 look book for Wild Blue Denim.

Unlike most reality TV personalities, Sadie Robertson doesn’t seem to fear the Fashion Police. Instead, it’s another authority figure whose opinion carries more weight: Willie Robertson, her father and the chief executive officer of their family business who is featured on “Duck Dynasty.”

Her latest fashion project is a yearlong gig as the first celebrity spokesmodel for Los Angeles-based Wild Blue. The 18-year-old sports high-waisted jeans, skinny styles and sun-bleached chambray shirts, which, she acknowledged, “Daddy approves.” It’s also the next step in her efforts to build a personal brand that promotes confidence, a feel-good approach to life and modest style enhanced by her dimples and wavy brown hair. For instance, her mantra — “live original” — inspired the name of her book as well as the label for the formal dresses she designs with Sherri Hill. As if the high school senior didn’t have enough on her to-do list (finish filming the 100th episode of the A&E network series, make her third runway appearance for Hill at New York Fashion Week, play basketball and tennis, etc.), she also designed a back-to-school line of necklaces, picture frames and coffee mugs for Glory Haus and endorses Roma Boots, which donates a new pair of boots to a child in need for every pair that it sells. Minutes after dashing out of school in Monroe, La., Robertson chatted with WWD about embracing the L.A. look, designing the perfect homecoming dress and dishing style advice to the men in her family.

WWD: The Group L.A. launched Wild Blue this fall at Rue21 after years of making jeans and private label clothing for Urban Outfitters and other retailers. Were you familiar with the brand?

Sadie Robertson: Yeah, I love Urban Outfitters. It’s one of my favorite stores. When I heard they did jeans for Urban, I thought that was so cool. I get all my jeans from Urban anyways.

WWD: Why did you decide to model in Wild Blue Denim’s look book, starting with this holiday season and continuing through next year?

S.R.: I really like the brand. One of their values or what they’re saying is to promote confidence and inspire people to feel good about themselves.

WWD: The overall vibe of the spring 2016 look book evokes a bohemian style with flower crowns, the outdoors via a jaunt to a Malibu fishing pier and Americana with a cardigan knitted to look like the American flag. What were your thoughts on that?

S.R.: I loved it because my style is very whatever I wake up and feel like I put on. But I’ve been really been into the bohemian look lately. They actually styled everything. I loved everything I wore — the vibe and the look. Some of the stuff I don’t know how to put together, they put together perfectly.

WWD: What was the experience like, taking photos in Malibu and other parts of Southern California?

S.R.: It was so fun. I love California. I spent three months last year in California [for “Dancing with the Stars”]. You can’t beat the weather. It was a beautiful day and we had fun. We had 30 outfits.

WWD: Would you move to California to study or work?

S.R.: Probably not. I do like it, just to visit a lot. I’m a Southern girl. I like the South. It’s my home.

WWD: What is a fashion tip that you can share with other girls this fall?

S.R.: There are a lot of skinny jeans in my line. I like a good skinny jean with a long sweater.

WWD: How has your style changed over the span of filming “Duck Dynasty,” which started airing in 2012?

S.R.: When I was in eighth grade, I wore sweatpants and a bun in my hair everyday.…Now I care more about what I look like…I normally wear a lot of dark colors but my sister has a clothing boutique called Duck & Dressing. She moved out to L.A. to get fashion advice and style advice. It has a typical L.A. look. Whenever I went to L.A., I was able to embrace my style. I wear the typical L.A. look. In Louisiana it’s weird, but there it’s normal.

WWD: What do you have in store for girls with the new homecoming collection that you designed with Sherri Hill?

S.R.: There is one signature dress that is kind of a crop top. It’s cute. I can’t give away all the secrets. It has a long skirt. We have a lot of different colors this year.

WWD: How do you experiment with your personal style and fashion designs while making sure your dad approves?

S.R.: I don’t do any crop tops that are major crop tops. It’s just a little sliver.…It’s not just [that] Daddy approves; it’s got to be covering up what needs to be covered up. It’s not like I would go off and design crazy stuff. I would just fit my style.

WWD: Your dad, uncles and grandfather share a particular aesthetic on the show with their hair, beards and hunting clothes. Do you give them style tips?

S.R.: Awww, man, you cannot give those people style tips. They do what they do. I don’t think they’ve showered in the past year. I have begged my dad to brush his hair.

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