Seven For All Mankind is giving a technological spin to a woman’s everyday jeans.

In a fall collection slated to be delivered to stores in the end of June, the Los Angeles-based premium denim brand is offering five fits as part of a new grouping called Bair Denim. Combining the words “bare” and “air,” the set is the women’s answer to technologically advanced fabric that helps the company to innovate in the gradually recovering but still ultracompetitive denim market. Last week at retail stores, it released men’s styles under the sub-brand Foolproof Denim, which it said wouldn’t shrink regardless of daily wash or wear.

Retailing for between $169 and $179, or slightly higher than its entry price point of $159, Bair Denim is available in five fits, including skinny, straight and boot cuts, and four core washes, comprising blue, black and distressed treatments. Upon premiering the styles at Project in Las Vegas, company representatives said Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom have already placed their orders for the alternative to leggings.

“It’s really, for us, the next generation of denim,” said Barry Miguel, president of the VF Corp.-owned unit. “It’s very stretchy and form-fitting. It still has enough weight to it. It looks like you’re wearing real jeans.”