The closest customers of Jaye Hersh’s trendy Hollywood boutique Intuition came to Target was in 2006 when she launched her Target Couture collection with the mass retailer’s blessing, priced from $25 to $3,000.

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Target Couture, (with the accent over the “e” for French snob-appeal) was sold exclusively at Intuition and rendered the bull’s-eye in diamonds and precious stones and on cashmere sweaters and high-end jeans.

Now Hersh is getting ready for the July launch of a more mass-priced line, Hollywood Intuition for Target, which includes of-the-moment sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, small leather goods, scarves, headbands and hats, priced from $2.99 for a headband to $29.99 for a handbag, and sold only at Target stores.

“We took the trends coming to the market and tried to make them accessible to the Target audience based on the celebrities that come into my shop,” Hersh said. “I build my relationships with my customers and they keep coming back because they like my taste. I’m very approachable; I’m a working mom. That’s the Target customer. I’m not a designer; I’m actually a shopkeeper.”

Hollywood Intuition will be sold at the Minneapolis-based Target through spring 2010, considerably longer than the three to four month cycles given to Go International designer collaborations.

“Each designer collection is a little bit different,” said Joshua Thomas, a spokesman for Target. “Go is very much on a short time frame. The programs vary.”

Hollywood Intuition will also be merchandised differently than other brands. The collection will have its own comprehensive environment in stores. “[Target] is embracing the entire picture and trying to stay true to the brand, which is kitschy and celebrity-driven,” said Hersh.

Thomas noted there will be marketing behind Hollywood Intuition, but provided no details.

Hersh said Intuition will bring an element of the “inside Hollywood secret” to Target stores. “It could be about what celebrities have in their handbags — for example, a scarf that can be worn as a headband,” Hersh said. “The products that we’re featuring will actually be very instructional to the guest. ‘This is how you wear a belt bag and turn it into a shoulder bag.’ We’ll present all that as a story. The way it’s merchandised will be unlike anything Target’s done before.”

Thomas said Target was eager to “leverage Jaye and her retail expertise and how she’s known for spotting and exploiting trends.”

In addition to her boutique, Hersh has a show on QVC where she sells a line called ShopIntuition. “I’m doing a how-to book that will be launching with the Target collection,” she said. “It’s going to be really fun.”

Not bad for a woman who started her business out of her car. “I called the store Intuition because it was a way to pay for my kids’ tuition.”