A screenshot from the Gucci "Epilogue" video.

Alessandro Michele indulges the Nosey Parker in all of us.

Did you ever wonder what a Gucci advertising campaign looks like behind the scenes? Or — even more — who are the people working on the Gucci collections with creative director Michele? Those two questions today have a single answer in the “Epilogue” 12-hour livestream and narrative feature, broadcasting on Friday from 8 a.m. CEST on gucci.com, YouTube, Twitter, Weibo and the Gucci app and from noon on Gucci Facebook.

Michele’s team of designers is seen being prepped to shoot a new advertising campaign, wearing the Epilogue collection, which is what would have traditionally been called cruise.

Michele is seen explaining that he wanted “to turn fashion inside out” and that he aimed at reversing the general perspective, eyeing more “disorientation.”

This development marks the third act of the narration that began in February, when showgoers entered the venue through the backstage area. It was followed by Gucci’s fall ads, dubbed “The Ritual Campaign.” “It was a radical experimentation in which I let myself go with the idea that beauty can appear, unpredictably and wonderfully imperfect, through the absence of control,” Michele said of the campaign. “That time, I decided to abdicate my role of obsessive director,” as he allowed the models to build their own images.

Epilogue closes “a trilogy of love,” continued Michele. The clothes are worn by the designers who created them in a role reversal. “What happens to the relation between reality and fiction when prying eyes sneak into the mechanisms of the production of an image? What happens to fashion, and its seductive ability, when the true goes back to being just a moment of the false?” wonders Michele.

The designer is marking five years in his role as creative director at Gucci and he is obviously questioning the rules that regulate the fashion world. “It was necessary for me to go down that road brimful of love. It was a road that, while I walked, deposited new questions and stirred things up, producing new intuitions. In this sense, the epilogue that I deliver to you today really feels like an overture. A watershed that closes and opens at the same time, a threshold of a new beginning, from which we try to imagine our tomorrow.”

The livestreaming and the campaign were staged at the stunning Palazzo Sacchetti in Rome. The frescoed and coffered ceilings and Renaissance setting and the lush garden contrast with Gucci’s modern technology and teletext employed for the project. Images of the look book fronted by the design team wearing the Epilogue collection were superimposed on the Palazzo’s background during Michele’s narrative, each image with the name and job title of the designer, with makeup or styling details.

Christopher Simmonds is listed as art director, while photographer Alec Soth and film directors Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo also share their thoughts.

The graffiti-covered walls of the Campo Boario added additional layers to Gucci’s idiosyncrasies.


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