Paris Opera costumes

Global apparel business expert Alvanon has completed a two-year consultancy and fit project for the costume atelier of the Paris Opera House that brought innovative, state-of-the-art techniques to custom design.

During the project, Alvanon scanned the body shapes of more than 100 adult and child dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet and school. The anonymous 3-D body scans were used by Alvanon’s team of sculptors to model and produce small, medium and large morphologically representative technical fit mannequins of male and female dancers. A total of 30 Alvanon forms and pattern-block solutions were delivered to the Paris Opera House in time for its designers, pattern makers and sewers to create or adjust the costumes for its 2015 festive performances.

Alvanon donated over 250,000 euros, or $273,462 at current exchange, worth of consultancy and customized fit tools to the project. The Alvanon team was given access to the “secret world” of the atelier and was permitted to produce three videos on the project. The first is a 30-second “Season’s Greetings” video that will be launched in time for the holiday season together with a more detailed business video on the behind-the-scenes work of the atelier. A consumer documentary video will be launched in January.

“The Paris Opera House contacted us because it needed a new technical fit mannequin,” said Janice Wang, chief executive officer of Alvanon. “We visited the atelier and recognized its incredible costume artisans needed new tools so we decided to create an extraordinary project and help them. It has turned into a passion project for us. Every one of our Alvanon team who worked on this project loved it, from the consultants and scanners through to our 3-D sculptors and workers in the factory….The atelier of the Paris Opera House melds science with art and creates something beautiful, and we hope our festive video conveys the magic and joy of this incredible project.”

Xavier Ronze, chef du service couture at the opera house, said, “The collaboration with Alvanon allowed us to identify more precisely the most common types of morphology in our dancers….The Alvanon mannequins enable us to work quickly and get our fit right first time, which means less time in the fit sessions for our busy dancers.”

Alvanon was founded in 2001 when it developed an innovative data-driven approach to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the apparel industry. Since that time it has evolved into a global consulting firm advising apparel companies on how to align their internal teams, processes and supply chains; better engage their existing and target customers, and innovate to optimize profitability and achieve their growth objectives. Alvanon works with its clients across multiple apparel sectors in 89 countries. It operates from its head office in New York, European headquarters in London, and Asia office in Hong Kong.

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