A Margiela porn ad.

Byronesque.com is going hard core.

The editorial-based contemporary vintage resale web site will showcase more than 300 signature and hard-to-find Maison Martin Margiela pieces from some of the designer’s most sought-after collections, including Oversize and Flat when Byronesque takes over the city’s last porn movie house, Le Beverley Adult Cinema at 14 Rue de la Ville Neuve, during Paris Fashion Week on March 5 and 6.

“We’re playing on the idea that you’re in a secret place seeing something taboo that’s not for everyone,” said chief executive officer and editor in chief Gill Linton. “Nothing else makes people want something more.”

The fact that Byronesque.com is getting down and dirty should surprise no one, given its propensity to shock and offend. Simon Burrill’s fashion film about skinheads was featured on the site, along with a photo shoot and essay about Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s Swastika Sex cape in which Joe Corre said that the symbol “was used within the same kind of spirit as the images of gay sex, pedophile victims, images of the Queen and in the context that they were tearing down all the taboos.”

Linton said Byronesque.com will offer “the most sexy vintage Maison Martin Margiela” from 1980 to 2009, including a rare Margiela plastic bag collector’s piece and artisanal accessories from the Quidam de Revel collection, which will be available to the public for the first time. Margiela accessories on the web site are documented in crime-scene-style photos where a pair of shoes looks like it’s on disembodied feet, a scarf is tied around the neck, while another is in the mouth S&M-style and pulled tightly on the face.

In keeping with the illicit theme, Byronesque repurposed vintage porn movie posters for a campaign, #MargielaPorn, that teases customers with the message, “You know you want it, you filthy minx.” The main feature, Byronesque presents “Mmm…” is reviewed with blurbs from Le Monde’s Suzanne Koller, who says, “You just can’t get enough,” with Visionaire’s Cecilia Dean, I-D’s Julia Jamois and Tara St. Hill of 10 Magazine, weighing in.

In true pimp fashion, Byronesque will distribute throughout Paris ads inspired by tart cards, the illegal cards left in London phone booths by prostitutes.

“We’ll be screening footage of vintage Margiela runway shows along with a fashion film we’re creating for the sale,” Linton said. “We’re doing something unorthodox and provocative.”

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