Items from the collaboration between DP by Daniel Poole and Taiwan's Prettynice Ltd.

LONDON — DP London, the original streetwear pioneer from the Nineties designed by Daniel Poole, is making a comeback with an outerwear capsule “DPPN-World Sound Systems,” in collaboration with the Taiwanese streetwear label Prettynice.

The collection, which launches on Wednesday, celebrates “old-skool” rave culture for a new digital age, with pieces based on iconic DP styles, such as the Sony waistcoat (made in collaboration with Sony to carry its latest Walkman) and the DP World Safety Systems bomber, which is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanent collection.

DP was considered by many as the party uniform in the Nineties. After the turn of the millennium and the waning of the rave scene, Poole decided to put clothing on hold, focus on family life and engage in interior design, until now. The capsule features a skydive white and black sports vest priced at 130 pounds, navy and white MA1 bomber jacket at 160 pounds and “killa” pants at 120 pounds.

Poole started working on the collection last summer, and decided to go ahead with the project, as the coronavirus pandemic in East Asia has been largely contained.

Daniel Poole

Daniel Poole  Courtesy Photo

“It’s a big positive for me about how the digital world has brought us closer together, and how two far-flung islands from across the globe can collaborate creatively and commercially and make something happen together, notwithstanding the threat of a global pandemic,” he said.

“I was impressed to see how quickly neighboring Asian countries reacted and therefore I felt it was less of a threat to what we’d planned and achieved so far. Obviously, today’s climate isn’t the best for people to be spending money on new clothes, but hopefully this collection will help people remember that there is a world — and a future — out there that we can collectively look forward to,” he added.

Warren Lin, founder of Prettynice, said he has been keeping in close touch with Poole, and all the samples and production were done before the Chinese New Year, pre-lockdown. The brand shares a similar style with DP, offering graphic hoodies, jackets, T-shirts and skateboards with a retro touch.

“We talked about the situation which the Far East was going to face when I noticed the virus was spreading. The pandemic will affect our progress for sure, but the best we can do is expedite all the works of this collaboration,” said Lin.

“The collaboration is not just simply about putting two logos together, it’s a shared inherited love and communication of street subculture. Daniel opened up his incredible archive and together, with our shared memories of the golden age, we have brought back to life and reinvigorated styles that are completely relevant to today’s contemporary street scene. The rave party culture of London and the voice of Taipei’s teenage subculture are consummately combined together in clothing form,” he added.

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