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LONDON — London-based Giles Deacon has lent his flair for print and penchant for quirky characters to French golf wear label Brent Criss.

Deacon has created a collection of 38 pieces for the collection, which will be available from early 2014 at concept stores including Coincidence and Le 66 in Paris, and Luisa Via Roma in Florence.

Designed for both men and women, Deacon has taken a golf ball as his central motif for the collection, creating a perky-looking poodle character from the balls and printing it onto sweatshirts and applying it to polo shirts and trucker caps. The golf ball comes as a spot print on satin bomber jackets, little shorts, trousers, a full-skirted dress with little puff sleeves and Bermuda shorts and a matching blazer for men.

A camo print comes in a soft pink and purple for women or a brighter palette for men, while a men’s geometric print comes in a sweater and a sweater vest. Chinos are bold in bright yellow, cobalt blue and orange — or classic taupe and navy.

Bent Criss chief executive office Stéphane Rohel had been a long-time fan of Deacon’s aesthetic when he met the British designer through a mutual friend. “After a five-minute talk with Giles, he just understood what we were looking for,” said Rohel, who also praised Deacon’s “sense of style and glamorous self mockery.”

The collection is deliberately a far cry from the staid plaids that golf wear is traditionally known for. The brand was founded in 2010 by Stéphane and Benjamin Rohel with Christophe Coulonnier, who wanted to be able to dress comfortably and smartly, in line with sporting tradition, but remain fashionable.  “We don’t want Bent Criss to be a just golf brand,” explained Rohel. “We want to keep the DNA of the brand, but we want people to see it as a fashion brand too, that’s very important to us. For it to be a label that is worn off the greens as well.”

Prices range from 80 euros, or about $108, for a cotton Tee, to 500 euros, or about $676 for a men’s camo print jacket or a woman’s camo dress.

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