"A night at Armani/Silos" short film

Giorgio Armani will unveil on Wednesday night [Dec.21,] a short movie, which will be shown at Assago’s Mediolanum Forum in occasion of the Euroleague basketball match Olimpia Milano – Panathinaikos Athens.

Armani is the owner of the Milan-based Olimpia team, which he bought in 2008.

The short movie was filmed inside the designer’s Armani/Silos museum and exhibition space, which was inaugurated last year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Giorgio Armani company, and will feature some players of the Olimpia Milano team. The subject of the film is being kept under wraps until its unveiling.


"A night at Armani/Silos" short film

“A night at Armani/Silos” short film  Courtesy Photo


The Armani/Silos currently hosts the “Emotions of the Athletic Body” exhibition.

In keeping with Armani’s continuous interest in the sport world, EA7 Emporio Armani will outfit the runners of the Milan Marathon, taking place on Apr. 2.