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On Wednesday, the Hermès Carré Club lands in Los Angeles at 8175 Melrose Ave. for a private reception, followed by a four-day, open-to-the-public experience. Guests will be able to learn in-depth about the house’s silk scarves through interactive experiences with the artists.

From the reception desk, where visitors check in and receive their membership card, to each point of engagement with the carré, the dynamic one-story venue pays a multi-faceted, participatory tribute to the beloved silk square.

The aim of the Carré Club, no matter its size or city, is to generate a steady source of creative output aimed at a transgenerational audience — think artist demonstrations, café gatherings, curator visits and more, all running day into night. Conceived by Bali Barret, artistic director of the Hermès women’s collections, Hermès Carré Club debuted in New York, then traveled to Toronto and Singapore and will head to Milan later this month.

Divided into six modules, the journey begins with the “Click and Check,” meaning after guests check in and receive their card, their image is captured by 360-degree cameras in a photo booth.

They are then led to the Carré Studio, where artists will be live-demonstrating how they draw and paint the designs. Their palettes are set up alongside finished product so guests can see how the different colorations change the look of each scarf. French-German artist Edouard Baribeaud will color the highly detailed drawing of his first Hermès scarf; Virginie Jamin will improvise new illustrations around her existing scarf designs, and Alice Shirley, who has an instinctive talent for rendering realistic animals amid artistic natural settings, will share her creative process.

Members can also be the subject of Cyrille Diatkine’s work by participating in his “Sketchomaton,” a speedy portrait session, after which they get to keep the sketch.

Transporting the “drawing machine” they built and use throughout their practice, Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl will perform live sessions creating freely in the manner of a “cadavre exquis.” As they guide the paper through the intricate structure, the drawings develop organic forms.

For those seeking refreshment, Carré Café serves “club” sandwiches and coffee that guests can enjoy from café tables each decorated with a scarf design. The area combines salon-style culture with cabaret-inspired entertainment and nightly live music moments.

The Carré Stories counter features old-school, dial-up telephones where members can listen to revelatory recorded messages, including secrets, anecdotes, truths and fiction; the spoken texts are a reminder that carrés are keepers of memories and tales.

Finally, the “Carré-OK” booth allows up to four people to belt out tunes inspired by silk scores.

The boutique, dubbed “Carrémania,” will feature the Hermès Carré Club capsule collection of limited-edition scarves only available at the members-only, pop-up boutique, as well as an exclusive bandana-print scarf.

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